I Heart LA


Home … again. David and I made our way back from NYC yesterday afternoon and arrived home in LA last night. The flight was fairly pleasant without any delays. In fact, we landed about an hour early due to the strong wind at our back. And as much as I’m not really a fan of flying these days, I gotta say … I’ve used the time wisely and managed to put a serious dent into my massive reading list.

We arrived early enough last night that we were able to decompress for a bit. I caught up on my TV watching (Survivor, Game of Thrones, Smash) and was able to relax at home … on my own couch … in my own bed again. It was nice. I have no plans for tonight. I think David might have something planned but I think we’re gonna play it by ear. We’ll be home for a couple of weeks before we have to fly again so … we’re going to make the most of it :)

Happy Tuesday!

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  • Desi

    Welcome back to LA! I wish you would post some tv reviews now and then…I used to like when you did that! I watched Survivor and Smash too…don’t have HBO anymore unfortunately.