‘Glee’ Promises Another Britney Spears Tribute Episode For Season 4


Back in 2010, Glee set a ratings record with their Britney Spears tribute episode. Because it was such a huge success, another episode devoted to the music of Britney Spears was promised for 2011 but it never came to be. At the Fox Up Fronts event in NYC yesterday, the network announced not only that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson will guest star on the show’s upcoming 4th season but that a second Britney Spears tribute ep is coming our way … for real this time :)

Yesterday, Fox announced that pop superstar Britney Spears would be joining their reality competition The X-Factor as a judge and that Glee would follow X-Factor‘s results show on Thursdays. Now comes even more exciting Britney/Glee news: EW has exclusively learned that Glee is planning a second Britney Spears tribute for the fall! Set to be the second episode of the series’ fourth season, this hour homage to Brit Brit will feature eight of her songs but won’t focus on the character of Brittany (Heather Morris) as the first tribute did (Spears is not scheduled to appear in the episode as of now but producers are hoping to work out a deal). The reason for the Spears hour is because the network is so excited about the pairing of a Spears/X-Factor with Glee on Thursday nights. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that the original Britney tribute, which aired early in the second season, is still one of Glee’s highest-rated episode to date.

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I was keen on the second Britney episode that was supposed to happen last year but I think this is a much better time to plan the ep. Not only has enough time passed since the first Britney episode but the pairing of Britney + The X Factor and The X Factor + Glee makes this second Britney ep PURE GENIUS! And I’m gonna call it right now … Britney will appear in this episode. She will. I die. Woot!


  • nicole

    i wasnt a huge fan of the last BS tribute (mind you i think 99% of their “tribute” episodes suck).
    and the way this show is going lately…i see this next tribute episode being an ugly mess.

    • @nicole — Really? I don’t know anyone who didn’t love ‘Britney/Brittany’. I thought ‘Glee’ did a fab job reinterpreting her songs. I’m excited, can’t wait!

    • nicole

      @Trent – there were a couple good spots..but i think it was more the way they worked it in that bothered me.

    • JeniLee

      They did a great job with the songs but the issue (which is the issue of all the tribute eps) is that they ignore continuity and rework and change storylines to fit the songs…they are often forced and make no sense and then disappear by the next episode.

  • Lou

    Britney’s music is perfect for GLEE. Infectious, upbeat, fun. They’d be crazy not to do it, ‘cos you know it’ll bring the ratings again. Can’t wait to see Xfactorney back in the halls of McKinley High!

  • BradywantsMoore

    Ack I hope they do CRIMINAL!!!!

  • Lisbeth Slander

    I want another Madonna episode!

  • Balito

    With all the changes coming to Glee i dont think it will make it to a 5th season… the show is unwatchable now!!! the magic is lost… RYAN im talking to you!!! I feel so dissapointed about this 3rd season… :(