‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Star Mercedes McNab Got Hitched!


A couple of weeks ago we learned the happy news that Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel/Dexter star Julie Benz got herself married to Rich Orosco. Today we learn that another Buffyverse alum got herself newly married as well. Actress Mercedes McNab got hitched this past weekend to Mark Henderson in La Pax, Mexico. You Buffy fans should remember that Mercedes played the brilliantly hilarious cheerleader turned vampire Harmony Kendall on both BtVS and Angel. Now, she has a new role … as a married woman :)

It was another vampire wedding. (But this time without the Twilight stars.) Mercedes McNab, who played high school student-turned-bloodsucker Harmony Kendall on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 to 2003), wed real estate developer Mark Henderson in La Paz, Mexico, on Saturday. “It’s official!” the actress, who also starred on Buffy spin-off Angel until 2004, Tweeted, alongside a snapshot of the couple sharing a newlywed smooch. With about 80 people in attendance, including actress-singer Taryn Manning, McNab walked down the aisle at the CostaBaja resort wearing a Monique Lhuillier gown. The resort, which overlooks the Sea of Cortez, was decked out with fuchsia orchids for McNab’s big day. Their first dance as husband and wife? Tupac’s “California Love.”

Aww, I am so happy for Mercedes and Mark. My friend Darion and I were lucky enough to meet and hang out with Harmony, er, Mercedes at a party here in Hollywood a few years ago. I can tell you, most assuredly, that she is one of the sweetest most fun people that I’ve ever met. In terms of her importance in the Buffyverse, Mercedes McNab is the ONLY actor who appeared in both the pilot episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the finale episode of Angel. Her character, Harmony Kendall, spanned the ENTIRE length of the Buffyverse universe on TV — not even Buffy Summers or Angel have that distinction. Mercedes has always held a special place in my heart because of how brilliant she was on both BtVS and Angel. She stole every scene she was in … and stole my heart as a result. I wish her and her new hubby Mark all the love in the world. May they live happily and healthily ever after <3 [Source]

  • nicole

    she looks so beautiful! man she hasnt changed at all. i swear anyone who was on buffy/angel must have been blessed by the ageing angels. they all look great.

  • Jesse

    She really has grown up in front of us… Remember she was in both Addams Family movies. So weird to see her all grown up still lol

  • Adrian

    I think that since BtVS was such a big part of peoples lives, we get all excited when something (positive) happens in their lives.

    • @Adrian — I think you are absolutely right :)

  • Ian

    Love her, she’s beautiful and gracious. Met her once in a con, super friendly and not a note of condescension could be detected. I don’t get the comment of her spanning the entire series though, I saw Welcome to the Hellmouth a little while a go and I don’t remember seeing her, I thought she appeared on episode 2 or 3. And Angel was in Welcome to the Hellmouth and in Not Fade Away, so wouldn’t he figure as the sole character who spanned the entire series? anyways, I’m nitpicking, I love that her character continues to be of great importance in the comics (she’s the most famous vampire in the world!) and hope Mercedes gets some more deserved roles