Word To Your Mother


Yesterday was a beautiful day here in NYC … perfect for the celebration of mothers on Mother’s Day. David and I spent the early part of the day with his family so that we could shower his mother with all the love we could muster. We brunched together and walked a bit around town. Yesterday evening, I met up with my friends Halli and Erin for a hang session … we talked about going to a movie but we decided to do something better — we went to Outback for Aussie Chayze Froys. ‘Twas a glorious day, indeed.

Altho I wasn’t able to spend the day with my mom, I do want to give her a shout out here on the blog she never reads ;) I’ve booked my next trip home to Detroit so I’ll get to see my mom and my dad smack in between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I did get to chat with both of them on the phone yesterday and I sent flowers so mom tells me she had a great day, too :)

When I met up with Halli and Erin, we talked about places to grab some food and I lamented the fact that there were no Outbacks in Manhattan … my lovely friends informed me that I was terribly mistaken. In fact, we were mere blocks away from the closest one:

It’s funny, David always told me there were no Outback restaurants in NYC and, for some reason, I believed him. I know they have Olive Gardens here and I know they have Red Lobsters but … it never occurred to me that they might have Outbacks, too. Needless to say, the cheese fries we DEVOURED yesterday were among the most delicious I’ve ever tasted … ever. After our meal, we walked around Chelsea and Greenwich Village to work off the calories and just enjoyed one another’s company.

And speaking of working off calories, I finally found the time to go running! I woke up really early and decided it was now or never … then I laced up my sneakers and hit the pavement:

I ran all of Central Park and ended up clocking my fastest 10K yet! I kept a really good, steady pace and enjoyed the run entirely. I felt great, the weather was great, everything was great … until the end. I ended up taking a wrong turn at the end and kinda got off my course a bit. I ended up running a tiny bit farther than my intended goal (and I suspect my finishing time would’ve been even better yet had I stayed on course) but all in all, had a really great run!

And so … our time in NYC has come to an end again. This is likely our last visit to NYC for some time. We have other weddings to attend elsewhere in the world and it’s unlikely that we’ll be back in Manhattan any time soon. BUT, we cannot stay away for long, y’all know that ;) Thank you, NYC, for the amazing weather and another amazing visit. See you soon!

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  • Cee

    Yeah, we don’t have Cheese Fries here haha Not unless you go to TGI Fridays haha I love the notion of Outback Steakhouse, next time am in the USA, will have to pop in for sh*ts and giggles!

    • @Cee — Keep in mind, it’s cheesy as Hell but it’s fun. And don’t forget to try the Chayze Froys!

  • Dclover

    On a side note…you are such an inspiration, Trent. Today I have begun to walk. Before long I hope I’m running too. I’m so unathletic it’s embarrassing!

    • @Dclover — Yes! Good for you! Take things at your own pace. Walking, running, whatever you choose to do … have fun with it :)

  • Shannon

    Ahhhhh! How am I just seeing this?!?! Your baby pics are on a whole ‘nother level! The hair, the cheeks, the pout! Too much.