Watch: Coldplay And Rihanna Reveal Making Of ‘Princess Of China’ Music Video


Coldplay and Rihanna have released a behind-the-scenes look at their new music video for Princess of China. A few weeks ago we got to see some “gangsta goth geisha” pics of Rihanna in costume from the set, and now we have more unveiled, before the full video is released in a few weeks. This will be Coldplay’s fourth official single from their album Mylo Xyloto. Check out the clip of the making of the cool new music video; the theme – an old kung-fu styled movie.

In this pic you can see Rihanna in traditional geisha attire laying back on a sofa, but in the video clip there is also lots of action. Think samurai swords, and cool effects with moving arms. Chris Martin looks pretty slick, and I have to say, the concept of an old Kung-Fu movie is super cool! I think this video is going to be great, and now after this little teaser, I want to see the full thing. The video is expected to premiere in full within the next few weeks.


  • glitter

    I don’t get how a title with “Princess of China” has a Japanese theme, and what seems to be a little Thai as well. Oh wait, they mentioned “kung-fu” part so I guess it makes it Chinese. >_> Why don’t they name it “Princess of Asia” instead?

    I imagine the Chinese would be rather insulted that anything remotely Japanese would be their “princess”.

  • Darion

    They took the video down! WTF :(

  • nicole

    I dont get why its taken so long to release this video. I mean all this behind this scene stuff is over done now. Personally i think they waited too long to release it. The hype of the song has died down, and i have a feeling it will seem super cheesy now