Watch: Britney Spears Sighted In NYC Ahead Of Rumored ‘X Factor’ Announcement [UPDATE]


Over the weekend we learned that Britney Spears is RUMORED to make an appearance in NYC today to formally announce that she will judge the upcoming second season of The X Factor. Since we first got wind of the reports that Simon Cowell was courting Britney as a new X Factor judge, there has been speculation and many preemptive reports about her joining the show. At this point, the deal is STILL not officially signed (well, not that we know for sure) so all eyes are on Britney surfacing in NYC to see if the latest reports are true. A Britney fan posted on Twitter last night that Britney did manage to sneak into the citybut thus far, there is no photographic proof (that I can find) of our dear Britney in NYC. HMMM. UPDATE: Video has surfaced of our dear Britney in NYC! Check it out below.

Ummm just saw Britney spears in person. Everything you would expect. Pink Tshirt sweatpants ugg boots and sunglasses at night

If this sighting is true and Britney really is in NYC right now, then it’s almost a certainty that she will be announced as a new judge on The X Factor. Altho we STILL don’t know for sure, I have a good feeling about this. Stay tuned … we are currently under Brit Watch.

UPDATE: TMZ managed to procure video of Britney making her way thru the Mandrian Oriental Hotel in NYC head of today’s (ALMOST ASSURED BUT STILL) rumored X Factor announcement:

Britney Spears is getting all gussied up for the big announcement today — that she … will join “X Factor” as new judge. Negotiations went right down to the wire between Britney and “X Factor” honchos. Her fiance, Jason Trawick, who you also see in the video, along with daddy Jamie Spears (not in video) signed the deal since they are Britney’s conservators. Britney didn’t talk as she walked around her hotel — the swanky Mandarin Oriental … FOX will make the announcement at the Upfronts today.


UPDATE 2: Billboard magazine is now saying that the X Factor announcement may come tomorrow!! Why, cruel gods, why?!?


  • Megan

    TMZ just posted the photo…pink tshirt, sweatpants, ugg boots and sunglasses! :D

  • Megan

    Oh and there’s a video where she’s asked if she’s excited to work with Demi Lovato and she nods! :D

  • kendra

    I’d love it if she was just messing with everyone and really had turned down the show weeks ago..Wait..No I wouldn’t! I’m so excited for her to do this show!! They just need to announce it already! Geez people..

    • Lauren

      I would be so mad if she had done that. Haha! Honestly I was still having my doubts about her doing it until I found out she was actually in NY. Her team is the worst for letting her fans think she’s doing something and not stopping the rumors by just releasing a statement about it. I can’t wait to see her on TV every week though. I have a feeling she’s going to do great! I didn’t watch X Factor at all last season but I won’t be missing an episode this time around.

  • Mark

    So excited for this!! Can’t believe it is actually happening :)

  • Robbie

    I CAN’T WAIT! It’s almost too good to be true!

  • linh

    I am gonna be GLUED to xfactor. Its a brilliant move on their part. If I was a contestant, I would want to be on Britneys team! It would be amazing. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. So excited.