Rosie Pope Births Baby Girl And Tweets Entire Delivery


Rosie Pope, the star of Pregnant In Heels and famous for her maternity clothing line, gave birth to her third child and live-tweeted the entire delivery. Yes, really, she actually tweeted updates herself, and only at the very end handed over the keyboard to her husband, Daron. Now, that is taking social media seriously. Check out Rosie’s Twitter feed DURING her daughter’s birth.

Rosie started posting onto Twitter as soon as she went in labor, and then continued to update her fans with seriously intimate information including her dilation progression and when she was administered the epidural. Here are some examples of what she tweeted..

“3 cm dilated, listening to heart beat, everything feeling very real…doctors and nurses buzzing around”
“Now my hubby brings up name+wants to know if I’m sure! Not good time for a decision!! What girl names do u guys love”
“Soo cold, having contractions not painful so no epidural.Plan to have one..anxiety growing just want healthy delivery”
“Ahhhhh these contractions are so bad, I’ve asked for the epidural but it’s not working…please start working!”

And once Rosie was out of tweeting condition (she was in the midst of actually giving birth after all), her hubby Daron took over to make sure fans were kept in the loop. He said, “Hi everyone- Daron (husband) here…I’m taking over from here as Rosie is quickly progressing and can’t type any more.”

WOW! This is kinda crazy if you ask me. I know that Rosie is known for maternity and pregnancy, but live tweeting your own delivery is intense, and generally a very private moment between two partners, rather than something broadcast to anyone, all over the world. Nevertheless, congratulations are in order for the Pope family on the safe and healthy birth of their third blessed child, and first daughter. I’m just glad that she didn’t include Instagram pics along with the birthing tweets :)

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  • Alyssa

    Next up, live tweeting sex!

  • Alys

    Save the drama and suspense for the family, instead of broadcasting every last detail. Do I need to know she vomited? No. A nurse mentioning what labour entails for first-time mothers is one thing, but this is just gratuitous. Gross.

  • J to the Dine

    Well seeing as they hash tagged her show and mentioned Bravo in every tweet….