New Mom Jessica Simpson Launches Maternity Clothes Line


The news has recently been revealed about how Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson sold the first baby photos of their daughter, Maxwell Drew, to People magazine for $800,000, and now it seems Jess, the singer-turned-mogul, is continuing to expand her business and her profits. Today she has unveiled her plans to launch a new line of chic maternity wear in collaboration with Destination Maternity. This will be the 24th category of fashion products holding the Jessica Simpson Collection name.

The Jessica Simpson brand has already made millions of dollars through the various shoe, apparel, accessories and jewelry lines and is reportedly on track to earn $1 billion by year’s end. It makes sense that Jess is now expanding her business to include maternity wear.

She’s undoubtedly a retail juggernaut, from her own million-dollar empire to her role as advisor on NBC’s fashion design show “Fashion Star.” Now her latest project, Jessica Simpson for Destination Maternity, will hit 700 stores this fall with prices ranging from an affordable $36 t0 $69.

Jess was famous for her extra long, and large, pregnancy and yet she did manage to look glam and stylish throughout. We saw her in lots of sexy party dresses which revealed her baby bump, and then later in her pregnancy, she wore gorgeous kaftans and flowing silk. She also wore heels right until the end, when it was just not possible anymore. A chic maternity collection under her name makes perfect business sense. Pregnant mommas out there, would you buy Jessica Simpson inspired maternity wear?

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  • Virginia

    Honestly, I love her clothing lines. Her plus size jeans back in the day were the BEST fitting jeans a fat girl could find. ;) I would totally buy and wear her maternity line.

  • Sarah

    Definitely. The maternity clothes available during my 2010/2011 pregnancy were hideous.

  • Courtney

    I would when I have kids people including stars have said it for years that the maternity clothes in the market place are hideous and uncomfortable. look back for example at when Mariah Carey was pregnant with her twins when she appeared on HSN in February 2011 in black jogging pants and Nick’s oversized black Cotton T-shirt bedazzled with the words dem babies she said the maternity clothes available were very uncomfortable for her because they were too constricting and she already had enough complications you can’t say Jessica isn’t a smart business woman

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  • Norma Fay

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