Kate Hudson And Sarah Jessica Parker To Guest Star In ‘Glee’ Next Season


Glee’s new season will have some great new guest stars which will really amp up the star quality of the Fox hit series. Today we have learned that Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker are set to guest star in the upcoming fourth season. SJP will be appearing in a multi-episode arc, and Kate has been signed onto a six-episode arc. This will be SJP’s big return to TV since Sex and the City.

Although he kept specific plot points under wraps, Reilly says Glee is “poised for a real creative renaissance. Several characters are graduating, we’re going to have a show within a show, following some characters to New York to a school for the arts.” We’re assuming he means Rachel (Lea Michele), Finn (Cory Monteith) and Kurt (Chris Colfer), so fingers crossed all three seniors get into their dream schools. “Glee is really positioned for a strong year,” Reilly adds.

It certainly does look like Glee is setting themselves up for a strong fourth season. Both SJP and Kate Hudson are great guest stars, and it will be interesting to see whether they both showcase their singing voices in their respective episodes. I would be keen to see Sarah Jessica Parker sing, but as much as I love her, I fear that Lea Michele will just totally outshine her. Do you think these two guest stars are a good addition to Glee’s season 4?

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  • JillieBean430

    I hope that SJP will be in a “Carrie” type role for the kids in NYC!

  • C

    I read that SJP will be playing something along the lines of a mentor to Kurt. And she’s sung before, on B’way in Once Upon a Mattress, and How to Succeed in Business…plus that GAP commercial years ago.

  • Lisa

    Desperation move, on both parts. The show is fading fast and Hudson and Parker are on the downward slide in their careers. Neither has had a hit film in quite a while and jumping on the “guest-star” bandwagon is an easy way to get noticed again. Glee has lost it’s buzz, and thinks to entice people to watch with “names”. However, all the guests in the world can’t hide it’s terrible writing, acting, and overall storylines.