It’s Officially Official At Last! Britney Spears Joins ‘The X Factor’


The moment that we Britney Spears fans have been hoping for (and maybe dared not dream of) has finally come. Fox has formally and officially announced that our dear Britney has signed on to judge the forthcoming second season of The X Factor. As was reported earlier today, Britney flew into NYC last night to attend the Fox Up Fronts event this afternoon. After a bit of anxious waiting, the announcement was finally made.

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Britney was photographed officially with fellow X Factor judges Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato. I am currently on a plane flying from NYC to LA and will update with official information and PHOTOS! So yeah, it’s OFFICIALLY a done deal! Britney is judging The X Factor!!!!

UPDATE: So … Britney scooped the official Fox announcement when she posted the photo above on her official Twitter profile moments before Fox was able to make the announcement and issue the press release. And speaking of that official press release, here it is in full:

Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning worldwide pop icon Britney Spears and singer, songwriter and actress Demi Lovato will join L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell as judges on THE X FACTOR, the hit singing competition series returning this fall on FOX. Spears is one of the most successful and celebrated entertainers in pop history. Her musical career boasts nearly 100 million albums sold worldwide and countless awards and accolades, including the 2011 MTV Video Vanguard Award and Billboard’s Best-Selling Female Artist of the Decade (1998-2008). Spears first captivated audiences with her first single “…Baby One More Time,” an international hit that is currently 14x Platinum in the U.S. So far, Spears has earned a total of five No.1 debut albums and 24 Top 40 songs in her career. Lovato is an accomplished singer and actress with a devoted and engaged young fan base. Her single, “Skyscraper,” off of her most recent album, “Unbroken,” recently went platinum, while the video for her new single, “Give Your Heart a Break,” already has garnered 10 million YouTube views. Her first album, “Don’t Forget,” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and her second album, “Here We Go Again,” debuted at No. 1. Lovato began acting at the age of 10, and starred in the cable television series, “Sonny With A Chance.” Her film credits include “Camp Rock” and “Princess Protection Program.” “I’m absolutely delighted Britney and Demi are joining us,” said Simon Cowell. “Britney remains one of the biggest stars in the world, she’s talented, fascinating – and I believe she knows exactly how to spot THE X FACTOR. Demi’s had an amazing career in music, TV and film for someone her age. She’s young, confident, and enthusiastic. I think it’s really important that she speaks to our younger audience. The new panel will be dynamic and will work really well with the changes we are making to the show.” Spears added, “I couldn’t be more excited to join THE X FACTOR judging panel. I’m a huge fan of the show and now I get to be a part of the action. Simon and L.A. better watch out!” “I’m so thrilled to join this legendary group of judges on THE X FACTOR,” said Lovato. “To be able to spend each week with Simon, L.A. and Britney watching the best that America has to offer is truly a dream come true.” Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company, noted, “Britney is an unparalleled superstar. Her success in the music industry over the last two decades makes her a perfect fit for THE X FACTOR judging panel. Demi has mass appeal and is beloved by her fans around the world. We are incredibly lucky to have them on board and we know they will bring so much excitement to the judging table for Season Two!” “Britney Spears has done it all – she is the ultimate pop icon – and I am thrilled that she has agreed to join THE X FACTOR,” said executive producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz. “Nobody embodies THE X FACTOR more than Britney – she has shown the world what it means, how to do it and how to sustain it! Demi, like Britney, was discovered at a young age. Her ambition and drive solidifies her as one of the most popular young artists today. Now they will each get a chance to share their experiences and skills with the acts that they will mentor on THE X FACTOR.”

OMG … this is just SO exciting! I really, really wanted to believe that we would be blessed with being able to see our dear Britney Spears LIVE twice a week on TV but I just couldn’t let myself believe it until now. I started to get really hopeful a couple of weeks ago and really, really hopeful over the weekend when we first learned that Britney was headed for NYC. When the video of her arrival in NYC came out earlier today, I finally let myself get excited. This is amazing news … I cannot WAIT to see our girl in action when The X Factor debuts this Fall.

I know that some people have some concern about having Britney as judge on a show like The X Factor but I have a feeling this will be a BIG success for not only Britney but for The X Factor and the Fox network as a whole. Woot!!! Now we wait for the show to debut, as if we haven’t waited long enough. But now that we know FOR SURE that Britney will OFFICIALLY be a judge on The X Factor our waiting will be sweetened by the excitement of having something to look forward to. Again, I say, WOOT!!!


  • linh

    Can’t wait for the season to start. So excited I get to see Britney all the time.

  • @diNYC

    I am happy that she is happy about it but I still think she is all wrong for the show because its beneath her.

    Lopez was on the verge of dying out, AI resurrected her career but Spears has more power. She doesn’t need this show.

    But nonetheless, yay.

    • @diNYC — There is no way a $15 million dollar gig that will have her on live TV twice a week is “beneath” her. These competitive shows are really hot right now and she is very smart to jump on board and take part. The visibility alone afforded by these kinds of shows is priceless. Trust me, this will be a brilliant career move for her.

    • @diNYC

      Agree to disagree I guess. But a great album with a tour that will no doubt sell out everywhere is A list style aka Spears style.

      Come on, you think Madonna would ever do it. Nope, cause she knows she is a superstar! Brit is too.

      Proud and happy that she is happy and 15 mil yay but I still think someone of her talent and star power should “be” the show not judge “one.”

    • @diNYC — “Agree to disagree I guess” Yep :)

    • @diNYC

      Totally random note Trent, what up with the ad for picking Mitt Romney’s VP?

      Don’t they know this is Pink! lol

  • Mark Cogburn

    Yay, so excited for this :)

  • Lou

    Best. Monday. EVER!

  • Robot


    This is the best news ever, I’m sure she is going to do great! She really needs this show to get her confidence back, learn to be spontaneous again and hang out with ‘regular’ people.

    Hopefully she is going to work on her new album and perform during the finals.


  • John

    I second diNYC. I think this show is totally beneath Britney. She’s a freaking legend! She doesn’t need to be a judge on a signing reality show to remain relevant. Look at how well her last album did. Christina joined The Voice because her last album tanked and she got a bunch of bad press for getting divorced and partying a little too much. I love Britney and support whatever she does, but I’m a little annoyed that I now will have to watch this show just because she’s in it. I will say that she looks fantastic! Work it out Brit!

    • @John — Again, this isn’t about seeking “relevance”. It’s a $15 million dollar gig that will give her, essentially, free publicity to be seen on a weekly basis. Any projects that she has on the horizon — like say a new ALBUM — will be highlighted on a national scale.

    • John

      I totally see the benefits of Britney being on a show like this weekly. On one hand I just don’t want my Britney on a reality show. And that’s coming from someone that watches every single Real Housewives show and obsessives over all of the behind the scenes details. I think she’s too good for reality television. I also think that X-Factor is the red-headed step-child of all of the other singing reality shows (maybe not anymore since the announcement of that Duets show). I even had a friend say she was excited Britney was going to be on X-Factor while conceding she was probably one of the only people watching that show. It sort of diminishes the brand via the association, I guess. Granted, I say that knowing Britney has had to re-image and resurrect her brand in a huge way ever since her troubled years.

    • cutitout

      Christina Aguilera joined “The Voice” because her and Maroon five’s manager, Irving Azoff has a major deal with NBC that involves the winner of The Voice being signed to his management firm. I beleive Simon wanted her on the X-factor for season One…

    • John

      I love Christina as well as Britney, but do you think she would have ever went on The Voice had her last album done really well and led into a successful tour. I don’t.

  • Tina

    Omg I’m dying!!!! Yay

  • john

    she hasnt looked this good in about 5 years


  • Joanna

    Now if they could only get rid of Demi. Simon, Simon, Simon what’s wrong with you. You do something great with Britney and something so wrong with Demi. I keed ;) Anyway congratulations Britney you will do an amazing job.

  • nicole

    i still think this is a bad idea for both britney and demi. sure the ratings will sky rocket..but they’ll go up for the wrong reasons. its going to take one goof up for people to rip them apart.

    now i dont know much about Demi, so i dont know how her judging will go, but i dont see britney being critical. she’ll basically be just like paula (and nicole for that matter). i think they’ll have her too over prepared, and nothing will seem natural. – now i could totally be wrong, and i hope i am, i wish her only the best…but at the end of the day, i just dont see this going well.

    *total side note…the girl looks GOOD*

    • @nicole — I understand your concern but I have to say, I have a good feeling about this :) WEE!

    • nicole

      well i really hope it turns out great for you! (and all you BS fans!)

  • Amarie

    So exciting! Good for her :) just hope her and Demi both are ready to be in the more in the spotlight again.

  • Has anyone ever thought this is a great way for Brit to make $15 mil, get TONS of exposure, AND stay in one place long enough to work AND have a relationship with her sons? After the audition phase, she’ll be in LA for the entire show.

    For her family, this is so much better than her recording, promoting and touring for a new album. She misses a lot of time with her young sons doing that.

    And I agree with Trent, this is in no way beneath her.

    • Kate

      I agree with you! I think people are way too critical. I could never see a $15 million gig as beneath anyone. Maybe Madonna wouldn’t do it, but Britney ISN’T Madonna, she does what she wants to do. Plus I mean look what it did for Jennifer Lopez. Christina’s last album which flopped, was then brought on the charts after being on The Voice. It is great exposure, and maybe someone who didn’t like her before will start to like her, and she will gain more fans.

  • Eddeham

    I’m so psyched, I’ve never watched an episode of The X Factor before but I anxiously waiting for the 2nd season to be on, purely just for Britney! When is it gonna start ??

  • Christina

    Both of them are horrible ideas. First off how is Britney going to handle a weekly TV show when she can’t even do a interview by herself without being prescreen by her people?
    Second Demi Lovato are you kidding me? She doesn’t have enough experience to do this show. She is not a household name. This is going to be a disaster on both fronts

    • Hannah

      I am worried about Britney. I think her answers and opinions are going to be terribly scripted. Right now she isn’t trusted to talk so how is being on live tv going to play out?

  • MM

    I don’t know, I still have my reservations about this whole thing. I just don’t think live TV is the right format for Britney. She is not exactly known for being articulate and critical – which are 2 qualities a judge needs to have.

    I think her sweet personality is pretty similar to Paula’s so it makes you wonder what she can bring to the table that’s fresh. I actually am a big Paula fan too and don’t understand why she was let go. I also don’t want Britney to face the same judgment and ridicule that Paula did.

    I also don’t trust Simon one bit. He will throw Britney under the bus in a heartbeat if the ratings go down. Same with Demi Lovato – who I think is another odd choice.

    I love Britney and obviously won’t be unhappy seeing her on TV twice a week (although I had no intention of watching this show before this announcement), but I still think a performing gig in Vegas would have been a much better option.

    Fingers crossed that I am way off and she’ll kick ass!

  • Megsterg

    I was concerned about her ability to be natural too, but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and not say anything until after the show premieres. She was always great in interviews before her breakdown, so I know she has it in her to do amazing. It really could be great for her career!

  • Matty

    This is f’ing AMAZING news!! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!

  • Jess

    This is going to be a complete mess and not in a good way. Britney was nervous during her X factor announcement. I can’t even began to imagine how she is going to be on a live TV. Plus she still under conservatorship which is screaming I’m okay to be to be myself without anyone thinking or doing things for me. Even her tours they limit her talking to her audience. She hasn’t been allowed to think for herself, so how is she going to be on TV? I don’t think she even did any talk shows on her last album.
    Then there Demi Lovato who nobody knows outside the Disney world. She gave up her TV show when she was having problems. She not in the same boat Britney is in but will the pressure get to her to? Who ever thought these two would be good idea should be fired!

  • rOXy

    How can a true Britney fan be anything but excited about this? Fresh, steaming hot Britney twice a week is enough to satisfy anyone’s appetite. You go, Brit! Looking forward to seeing you in my living room!

    PS I don’t think Demi was a good choice. She just isn’t “big” enough to sit opposite Britney, but I do hope this opportunity helps her continue in the right direction.

  • Well it looks like we are gonna have HOTNEY on out TVs twice/week YAAAAAAY! :)

  • Babs

    It seems to me that people forget that Britney had her start on a television series. I mean, yeah, it was scripted. But! This could be returning back to some sort of nostalgic home for her.

  • Michelle

    Honestly, Brit has sooooo much star power that she could just sit there and not say a word and the show would still have record ratings. I’ve never seen an episode of The X Factor, but I’ll definitely be tuning in now. Good lucky, Brit!!

    • JC

      My thoughts EXACTLY! She could just sit there doing the Slave 4 U antlers and I would just die!

  • JCZ

    People who can’t see the fact that she is making an easy $15 mil … There’s the door folks!

    It’s beneficial to her in so many ways that’s already listed here. 1) The money for the limited work. 2) Her family, sons and fiancé! She can juggle both with ease compared to an album and tour. 3) Exposure & publicity

    I think there is a 4th – Confidence.

    I’m super excited but as a fan, I’m sure a lot can agree (even Trent?) that there is a small percentage of caution we have, FOR Britney. I know none of us know her, but I still feel there is that confidence she lacks from pre-divorce. The media absolutely wrecked her. The poor girl suffered a lot publicly and I don’t blame her for the privacy she attains in interviews and promoting etc… This is a way to step out her comfort zone again and prove to herself and her fans. She is gonna cop ridicule anyway, she and her team know that, cause she is Britney Bitch! But the ridicule she Receives is no diff to releasing an album or music video, haters are gonna hate no matter what. For the rest of us, we can give her the praise and confidence to win that spark back. I like the new Britney, the mother, the private woman. But I will admit I’d like to see, on stage, that Brit we saw up to ITZ. I don’t need to see her publicly like we used to or glammed up 24/7 that isn’t who she is.

    Perhaps once she completes this she will feel more comfortable and a Vegas show may come up. Who knows? Let’s just enjoy this and lap up as much Brit as we can get!!!! I will say id prefer this than a Vegas show right now, cause even tho Femme Fatale was perfect – I think she’ll continue to get better with her confidence and performance and XFactor is the first step to that.

  • Andrea

    Setting my TVO now lol just kidding. I am super excited. I cant wait to here her speak for real.. That way she can finally move forward and maybe everyone can move on from a couple years ago.. (even though i thought she was hot with no hair) Cant wait …..

  • lori

    ok now were to start ok i was a big fan of britney but i lost all respect for her over the years i meen i am a mother and i cant see how she can rebild her life as if none of the crap ever happend i will be watching thow just to see if she has changed her ways but if not then i wanna see the train wreck she brings to the show much love 4 the show but no respct 4 britney

    • ClaireMichelle

      And no respect for you for WANTING to see a train wreck.

      I can’t wait to see Britney shine on TV twice a week. And I think Demi will surprise people.

    • @lori — Grammer/Spell Check is your friend.

    • Smoo

      @Trent- Grammar*

    • Andrea

      omg that is so rude. I as a mother commend her for being able to move forward, I was a young mom too and I made mistake, we are not all perfect paretns. I missed getting the hand out in the hospital, but you do your best and try to move on. SHe is the only celebrity that has made mistakes that people wont allow to move on with her life. How would you feel about being grounded for 5 years. I have so much respect for her for what she has to put up with, with people like yourself who hold on to something for 5 years. Support :):) dont hate

    • Lauren

      One of the biggest reasons that I respect Britney so much is because she came back from a very dark time in her life. No matter what anyone thinks about her, it takes a very strong person to go go through what she did and still come back out on top. As a mother yourself, you should commend her for that and not watching just to see if she fails. I don’t understand why people can’t seem to get over her past mistakes but people have no problem moving on from Charlie Sheen’s breakdown. To me Britney is like a Phoenix who’s rising from the ashes. Yeah I think she’ll be a little nervous the first episode or two but it won’t take long before her personality is shining. She’s Britney though and people are always going to hate no matter what. You don’t become an icon without haters. ;)

  • Megan

    We can now get excited about where Britney will hold her Judges’ Houses stage (I presume she’ll keep them in LA though, she definitely won’t leave America) and what celeb ‘friend’ will she have as guest judge with her at Judges’ Houses? I’ve actually never seen an episode of the US series so I’m just going off the UK version on all of this.

  • gorkem

    After 13 years Britney is still on top, she is still one of Top 10 most powerful celebrities in the world and thats an enough reason to respect her.. She is the queen.

  • Cynthia

    Demi looks great. This season should be interesting.

  • Jill

    I don’t mean no harm, but in a world where Simon Cowell accepts Britney Spears as a fellow singing critic, the apocalypse is nigh. But then, we’re also pretending that JLo knows something about singing, so, hey . . .