Demi Lovato Signed As 4th Judge On ‘The X Factor’


Last week we learned that singer Demi Lovato was one of the front-runners for the 4th judging spot on the upcoming second season of The X Factor and today we hear from TMZ that she officially signed on as judge. Now, just becuse TMZ is “confirming” the news, we really won’t know for absolute sure until we hear it from Fox themselves. As you may recall, we saw video earlier of Britney Spears in NYC today which is almost certainly confirmation that she, too, has signed on to judge The X Factor as the 3rd judge. Click below for the reported deets about Demi’s X Factor signing.

Demi Lovato has officially signed her deal and will be a judge on the next season of “The X Factor” … TMZ has learned. According to our sources, Demi will be in NYC tomorrow for the FOX Up Fronts to announce her joining the show. Demi is scheduled to tour this summer, but our sources say her “X Factor” schedule shouldn’t interfere with her touring. Lovato should have company tomorrow … as TMZ previously reported, our sources say Britney Spears will be in NYC to announce she’s joining the show as well.

In the video of Britney posted earlier today, she was asked if she is excited to work with Demi on The X Factor and Brit Brit nodded in the affirmative. OMG. I am DY-ING over this! Honestly, I have no opinion about Demi Lovato … I don’t know her so I don’t really know what to think. You may recall that Miley Cyrus was also in the running for the 4th judge spot on The X Factor but my guess is that Demi signed on for much less money than Miley would’ve and if the rumors of Britney’s $15-16 million dollar contract are true, well, I can see how Fox might be interested in saving money wherever they can. I’m not sure when the X Factor announcement will be made today but I hope it’s sooner rather than later … the anticipation is KILLING ME right now :)

UPDATE: Billboard magazine is now reporting that the X Factor announcement may not come until tomorrow! ACK!


  • Joanna

    This really sux. Demi is not a good choice. She hasn’t had any real mainstream success. On a show like this you need someone who people are already invested in. Britney is a good choice since she’s been in the spotlight for close to 15 years already with very little time away. I don’t know anything about Demi as a person so I can’t give my opinion on if she will be nice or not to the contestants. All I can go on is the two songs she has had on the radio in the last year and they haven’t been all that great songs or been all that successful on the charts. I’m so disappointed in Simon that he would lower his standards on judging. I’ll tune in to the first episode just to see Britney but I’m not holding high hopes for this show. I give it this season and then it’s over and done.

  • Jam

    Hobestly im scared this show will flop because of Demi. Britney is a great choice, but Demi Lovato?? What credibility and success has she had? She’s a Disney “star” and just as she was starting to get some fame she has a break down! She has not sold that many CDs or had any big hits, not to mention how young she is! Wtf??? I like her voice and she seems like a nice girl, but her songs are not very good, so where the credibility as a mentor?

  • Should’ve chosen Miley. The girl has been around fame her entire life. She knows the business and owns the demographic they’re trying to entice. I’m not Miley’s biggest fan, but I know smart when I see it, and she would’ve been the smart choice.

  • Brittany

    The only reason I even know who she is is because of her melt down and punching a background dancer. If it hadn’t of been because of that I would have no idea who she is. I really think Miley would have been a better choice, even if she would have asked for more money. At least most people would know who she is; and if not her they would know her father.

  • ClaireMichelle

    You guys are being so hard on the girl. She has grown up in the business like Miley, she just hasn’t hit it as big as her. She is incredibly talented though, so I think she will be great at giving technical advice while Britney will be the best at giving advice at handling fame. Plus, both Demi and Britney have had Hollywood get the best of them and both have overcome that. They should have a lot in common. I hope people give her a shot. She seems like a great girl and she has a fun personality.

  • ChristineLA

    Demi Lovato is an absolute disaster of a choice for a judge. She is what Britney *would have been* if Britney hadn’t been surrounded by people who loved her and would fight to get her healthy. Demi Lovato in rehab for a sustainable amount of time, I would applaud, Demi Lovato on “The X-Factor”? Disaster.

  • mimi

    think demi should be focusing on her health rather than convincing the world she’s “okay”… she’s lindsay lohan round 2 with a much more savvy and ruthless PR team.

    as much as im not into miley, she slightly seems to have it more together.