Watch: Usher Performs ‘Scream’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’


A few weeks back we heard that Usher unveiled his new album, Looking 4 Myself, at the Fuerza Bruta concert in New York City. Usher is preparing to officially release his new album on June 12th, and this week he appeared on Saturday Night Live performing his new single, Scream. Check out Usher’s signature dance moves and his new dance R&B sound.

“This album doesn’t fit into a specific box. It is an all-world experience that gives you a multitude of genres, a multitude of experiences: electric soul, revolutionary pop, classic, new tradition, dance, tech. And it brings me to more of a relevant place,” Usher told Billboard about his new album.

In this performance, Usher is showcasing his new dance-R&B fusion style with this new album. It is great seeing him reveal those famous dance moves as well, but this is a lot more a subtle, music-focused performance than we have come to see from Usher in the past. I love the ‘climax’ in the middle too. I can totally see this song being a bit of a summer club anthem, it’s fun! What do you think?

  • DJ

    When I first heard the song about a month ago, I really liked it and knew it would be a hit. But I’d hardly call it a “new” sound for him. Just listen to DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love from 2 years ago, it’s the same exact style, minus a guest rapper du jour. But at least it’s a great style that totally fits him and his talents.