Robert De Niro And Michael Douglas To Star In ‘Last Vegas’ Comedy


NY Magazine’s Vulture raised it a month ago, and now it’s set; Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas will star in the new movie hailed as “The Hangover for the oldies”, Last Vegas. The comedy, written by Dan Fogelman, the writer from Crazy Stupid Love, revolves around four older guys who fly to Vegas for a bachelor party. Is this good casting? Are you excited about this one?

Douglas plays “a man who, before marrying a woman half his age, invites his three childhood best friends on a wild bachelor party weekend in Las Vegas, where old tensions crop up between him and one of the trio over the woman they both loved as teenagers.”

De Niro will play “the party-averse Paddy Connelly, who reluctantly agrees to fly to Vegas at the request of his friends.” He also has “a beef with Douglas’ character over a girl they liked when they were young.”

The oldies ‘hangover’… I love it! The concept behind the movie, a group of sixtysomething pals who reunite for a stag night in Las Vegas, is truly hilarious. I’m imagining a cross behind The Hangover and Grumpy Old Men. They have also scored the ULTIMATE 60-something actors, De Niro and Douglas. In my opinion, they couldn’t have cast it better. The only one I would have added to the cast if it were a threesome would have been Jack Nicholson.

Last Vegas was on Douglas’s plate prior to his 2010 diagnosis with throat cancer, but now the veteran actor is in remission following successful treatment and is keen to return to acting. I for one am pretty damn excited to see Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas take on Last Vegas -are you?