Behind The Scenes Pics Of Rihanna’s Latest Music Video ‘Where Have You Been’


Just a few days ago we got to see the latest music video from Rihanna for her single, Where Have You Been. Today we get insight into the making of that video with behind the scenes pics from the music video shoot. Rihanna uploaded a whole lot of pics onto her Facebook account, and we have some of them here…

Rihanna debuted her music video for Where Have You Been, and showcased a more tribal side to herself. She also went back to her roots, with lots more dancing, and premiered more of her original look. We get to see the body painting, the costumes, and the pretty spectacular set. Some of the images are a little NSFW, but then the body art kinda covers up the naughty bits.

I know there were mixed reactions from readers to this music video, but it is still fascinating seeing the behind the scenes pics from the making of the video. If nothing else, the costume and body makeup is pretty amazing.