Adele May Re-Release Special Edition Album ’21’ With New Tracks


Adele is reportedly planning to debut a repackaged version of her hit album 21, according to reports by the UK Daily Star. They are thinking of releasing a special edition of the LP in time for this year’s Holiday season. Will it include new tracks to make it the biggest selling album of UK history?

Adele is currently sitting at No.5 on the all-time list with more than 4.3million copies of 21 sold. But her team believes she can easily beat Oasis, ABBA, The Beatles and Queen by the end of the year if a new version is released.

My source revealed: “A repackaged album is currently being discussed. “It’s not yet confirmed that it will feature new material or songs that didn’t make the original album but it makes sense to bring it out.”

Oh, it would be amazing to have new Adele music by the end of the year. I think the idea of “re-packaging” the album is a good one, but it should really include something new to entice fans and offer something worthwhile to consumers. Re-branding the album with exactly the same music is not quite the same. It sounds like they haven’t really worked through the details, and it is all in the discussion stage still but there is a chance that we will have some new Adele music in just a few months time. Woot!


  • Megan

    I hate when artists do this, I know Adele has spoken about not liking it either in the past but how it’s up to Label in the end. I don’t think re-releases should go towards the sales figures of the original album either, it’s a different CD!

  • Claire

    I completely agree. How ridiculous to purchase the same album twice just to get some bonus content, which is exactly what the record label is counting on. I’d only do that if it was an album I really wanted but didnt already own.

  • nicole

    i cant stand re-releases. to me it would make more sense to do release a b-sides album – like Daughtry did.

  • DJ

    Oh dear god, not her too! I would think Adele is so above this crap and would have SOME say in it. I hate these special edition things. Sure, it might entice new people to buy a record, but to generate more sales from fans who already have it? And they’re wondering why people download illegally!!

    Usher and Mariah Scary were the first ones I remember doing this back in the mid 2000’s (Scary’s Don’t Forget About Us is one of the worst songs in recorded history), but now it’s become a ridiculous trend.

    Yeah, Nicole, I love that Daughtry did that. And Lady Gaga with FameMonster and Usher on Versus. If people don’t have to re-buy the original album to get the new tracks, I’m guess okay with it. But really, just put out EPs. Or at least make the bonus tracks good (yeah, I’m talking to you Katy Perry!).

    • Megan

      ‘Or at least make the bonus tracks good (yeah, I’m talking to you Katy Perry!).’ LOL

      Fame/Fame Monster was the only time I agreed with it because it was basically a new album, I didn’t feel like I was being ripped off because I got 8 great song (IMO).

    • Maxx

      C’mon is the same thing. You think that ’cause you’re a Gaga fan.