Jessica Biel Surfaces As Vera Miles On The Set Of ‘Hitchcock’


We heard a couple of weeks back that Jessica Biel is starring in the new film, Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho, playing the role of actress Vera Miles. Miles played Lila Crane, the heroine of the 1960 horror classic who visits the Bates Motel in search of her missing sister, Marion, played by Janet Leigh in the original, and to be portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in this remake. It’s all very convoluted and complicated, but basically, this film is about the making of the film, so actresses today are playing actresses from then. Today Jessica tweeted a pic from her ‘Vera Miles’ dressing room.

First Day On Set,Jessica wrote onto Twitter, along with the following photo.

Jessica Biel on WhoSay

It doesn’t reveal much this pic, but at least now we know that filming has started. I was hoping for a pic of Jessica in character to get a sense of how this casting is looking. The rest of the cast includes Anthony Hopkins who is playing the role of Hitchcock and Helen Mirren will be playing the director’s wife, Alma. James D’Arcy is in the role of Anthony Perkins, and they have also scored Aussie actress, Toni Collette. I am so keen to see how Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson do in their respective roles. The concept behind this film is excellent, and Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren have been cast perfectly IMHO, I’m just not 100% convinced about the young girls, so I want to see more. Hopefully we will get some more pics from the set soon.