Britney Spears Will Reportedly Be Announced ‘X Factor’ Judge On Monday


For the past few days multiple sites have been republishing a report by E! News that claims that Britney Spears finally singed her $15 million dollar deal to judge the upcoming season of The X Factor. Unfortunately, that report (and, subsequently, the repeated reports) are wrong. We don’t know FOR SURE yet that Britney signed the contract but it is almost a certainty that she will sign the deal. Plans are reportedly in the works for our dear Britney to make an appearance at the Fox Up Fronts event (where the network announces the new & returning shows for next season) in NYC on Monday to officially announce the deal. Folks, we are SO close to the official confirmation but … we’re not there just yet.

Britney Spears is set to make a big splash Monday by personally appearing at the FOX Up Fronts in New York City for the announcement that she will be joining “X Factor.” As we reported, as of Friday AM the deal was NOT signed, contrary to various reports. There were some fairly minor issues that still needed resolving and both sides were hoping to finalize it by end of day Friday or over the weekend … Britney and FOX both think a personal appearance is essential in creating buzz for the show.

As you may recall, back in April it was reported that Britney had signed the deal … clearly, we know now that that was not true. E! News has been peddling the “she signed” story for weeks now but it simply isn’t true … yet. It makes total sense that Fox would want to capitalize as much as possible on the official announcement so … yeah, if this deal is going to happen, we’re gonna hear about it Monday. My heart of hearts tells me that all of this is going to play out perfectly — Britney will sign, a mega announcement will be made, the world will erupt in jubilant celebration … but … well, I’m just gonna hold off on losing my shizz until we know for sure for sure. Hopefully we’ll see photos of Britney and fiancée Jason Trawick making their way thru LAX Airport sometime this weekend … then we’ll have a pretty good guess where they are going :)

So close … so very close …


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  • DanielTalks

    Wow Britney looks so young in that picture! Seems like ages since Brit Brit did that promo for th VMAs. I have mixed feelings about X-Factor, but I like every other Britney Stan, will be glued to the tv every second of this coming season :D

  • Jesse

    worst kept secret in history lol… Cant wait though!