Anna Hathaway Surfaces In Miami Showing Off Her New Tiny Body And Cropped Hair


A few weeks ago we heard all those rumors about Anne Hathaway having to go on a drastic diet for her role in the film adaptation of Les Miserables. We saw the first pic of her on the set with Hugh Jackman, when she revealed her newly cropped hairdo. It was quite clear then that Anne has been prepared to change her look pretty drastically for the role. Today we have a couple of photos of Anne holidaying at a South Beach hotel in Miami which really do seem to show her scarily slim. Maybe those rumors about a role-directed diet were actually correct?

We reported a couple of weeks back that Anne had been put on a strict diet to lose weight for the role of Fantine, a prostitute suffering from tuberculosis, central to the Les Mis story. These reports were never confirmed, but from these bikini pictures at least, she is looking pretty gaunt and frail.

That photo which shows Anne’s protruding shoulder bones is pretty scary. You may recall that the reports were saying that Anne was having to stick to a strict 500 calorie diet a day in order to get gaunt for the role of Fantine. OK! magazine in the U.K reported that she was living on just two apples a day and a protein shake. When I first heard this, I was pretty horrified and terrified, even when producers of the movie said that they would be keeping a close eye on Anne’s health throughout the filming process. She doesn’t look too unwell in the face, IMHO, and in fact her short hairdo is really growing on me. She looks pretty in the pic when she is in the pool and you can only see her face. The skinny bony body on the other hand is sad and scary. Lets hope Anne gets her beautiful body back as soon as filming is over.


  • glitter

    I love her sunglasses! And I don’t think she looks really skinny yet though, need to see her front to be sure.

  • Sarah

    This really makes me appreciate my curves lol!

  • claire

    To me, she doesn’t look any skinnier than all the models & actresses in Hollywood. I mean, her frame is smaller than normal, sure, but it isn’t shocking. Sad that that looks ‘normal’ for celebrities. I hope she puts weight back on after filming.

  • Juneh

    To be honest, she doesn’t look that skinny at all :/.

  • Megan

    She’s not SCARY thin yet, but she’s def lost alot of weight

  • Ben@pr

    She still doesn’t look starving skinny like when Nicole Ritchie hit her lowest weight. Her face is gorgeous but the skinny body doesn’t suit her.

  • Chloe

    She looks fine to me.

  • Jessicagiovanna


  • cinner

    She doesnt look over skinny at all, she needs to tone up a bit especially her arms and maybe use a self tanning lotion, shes chalk white.