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Yesterday was kind of a crazy day … this morning has DEFFO been a crazy morning. David and I are flying back to NYC later today so that we can attend the wedding of his aunt Judy to her partner of 30+ years. Judy & Susan’s wedding tomorrow will be the third of our eight weddings this year … OY! Despite the frantic harriedness of our travel schedule, I am really excited for Judy & Susan’s wedding because I love them both so dearly … so this trip is deffo a labor of love.

I’ve been asked to curate the music for the wedding so I’ve been working on a couple of classical music playlists. I’ve been a bit stressed about the task because I really want Judy & Susan’s special day to be perfect. Still, I think I have the music ready to go … I just really hope they like what I’ve selected.

Today, obvs, will be a shorter work day for me because we fly out of LA in a few hours. I’ll be in NYC for the next few days so you’ll be hearing from me from there :) See you on the East Side!

  1. Johm

    awww congrats to the happy couple! have a great time in NYC! i’ll be flying there from London for the first time, so excited! happy weekend!

  2. Spider3tattoo

    Safe journey and congrats to the family. You’re there so often maybe you and David should relocate…at least you could be married and live the life you want. =)

  3. Ben@pr

    I hope you post pictures from this wedding too!!!

  4. ChristineLA

    Congratulations to Judy & Susan! What a wonderful occasion, and well worth the travel! I love that you are basically spinning records for their special day.

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