Watch: Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone’s ‘Gangster Squad’ Trailer Hits The Internet


A few months back we got to see some smoking HOT pics of Ryan Gosling on the set of Gangster Squad. Today we get the first view of the trailer for the new crime thriller, based on the true story of the LAPD’s battle with the East Coast mob in the 1940s and ’50s. Check out mega hot Ryan, the gorgeous Emma Stone, as well as Josh Brolin and Sean Penn in this seriously COOL and STEAMY new flick.

This trailer has got me all excited about this film. There is definitely an awesome slickness about it, and they’ve got the rogue mafia feel spot on. Ryan is sizzling in his slick ass role, Emma is beautiful, and well then you’ve got the incredible Sean Penn. Oh, and there is a STEAMY make out scene between Ryan and Emma. Hands up who hates Ms Stone right now? Ugh, lucky girl! The movie isn’t out till later this year but for now, we have the trailer to get all excited about..

  • Ella

    Sexy. I’m looking forward to this and Magic Mike, though it’ll probably be out of theaters by the time I return from Europe.

  • Mark

    They filmed part of this across the street from my house in CA! The streets were shut down and Ryan was out meeting people, it was pretty cool.

  • I enjoyed that film, so much. I think I will get an ex-rental (cheap) copy. And I also rellay enjoyed Emma Stone’s look and acting style (I even like her name) but I am very concerned with how she has looked since then ill and super skinny, very worrying.