Kristen Stewart Will Star In New Gritty Action Flick ‘Cali’


Young starlet, Kristen Stewart is starring in the much talked about Snow White & The Huntsmen and it seems that she has already lined up her next string of work. The Twilight actress has signed on to star in director Nick Cassavetes’ new action movie, Cali. The reports are saying that the vampire turned Snow White will be turning into a Valley Girl who fakes her own death, in what is meant to be quite a gritty action film.

[It] follows a pair of San Fernando Valley lovebirds who sell a fake snuff film and ride off with a bundle of cash. Years later, the girl (Stewart) must “return from the dead” to save the younger sister she left behind. Voltage Pictures will be selling the film at the Cannes Film Market, and producers are anticipating a late summer start. Cassavetes is best known for directing the hit Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Notebook, as well as the true crime tale Alpha Dog. Cassavetes is an actor as well, and he most recently appeared in The Hangover Part II.

So, I guess she is sticking to the “return from the dead” vibe? LOL!

There has been so much hype surrounding the impending release of the new film, Snow White & The Huntsmen, and we are all incredibly excited about finally being able to see this film. Kristen is sure to be one of the shining lights of that film, along with the majestic Charlize Theron of course. I am glad that Kristen is picking up so much momentum out of it, she deserves this because I think she is a great young actress. She is certainly showing her versatility by moving into the genre of gritty action films. With the end of The Twilight Saga film franchise approaching too, it is good to see that she is moving on. We don’t yet know enough about the new film, Cali, to make a real judgment, but as more info surfaces, as I’m sure it will, I’ll keep you posted. Do you think this is a good role for her?

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  • Lauren

    She’s an LA girl, from the valley… so a good fit! And I will definitely go see this movie! I’m also a huge fan of anything she’s in so I’m kinda bias. :)