First Look: The First Photos Of Lindsay Lohan On ‘Glee’ Hit The Internets


Lindsay Lohan filmed her upcoming guest appearance on Glee last month and will actually feature on the show next week but today we get our first look at L. Lo in action on Glee. Unfortunately for Linds, the promo photos released by Fox aren’t all that flattering IMHO. Each of the photos appear to be captured while Lindsay is speaking (or doing something really unflattering with her mouth). Still, this is our first look at Lindsay on Glee so … let’s take a look. Do try and not stare at her oddly protruding lips.

She tweeted her delight after filming a guest spot on hit US TV show Glee. And now a set of first look pictures of Lindsay Lohan on the programme have been released, showing that the redheaded star is pulling no punches in her role as a judge on the panel for Nationals. The 25-year-old actress is seen apparently getting agitated as she and her fellow judges attempt to decide which of the competing glee clubs, including McKinley High’s New Directions, will take home the Nationals prize. Wearing a cute patterned dress, silver necklace and red nail varnish to top off the outfit, Lindsay looks chic in the promo shots from the episode, which airs on May 15th. After filming her part on the programme earlier this month, Lindsay wrote on her Twitter page: ‘Glee was fun to do! It made me want to live in a world of musicals where people always just burst out into song & dance!’

Yeah … I’m not crazy in love with these photos but, for the most part, Lindsay looks pretty good. Her lips are a bit much under normal circumstances … when they are photographed mid-conversation, well, it’s just not a good look. Nonetheless, I think this appearance on Glee is a great first step in getting her career back on track. I full expect her performance on the show to be successful in reminding people that she is an actress. The real test will come when her starring role as Elizabeth Taylor hits the small screen later this year but, for now, I think this Glee appearance is brilliant. We may get to see Lindsay in a video promo for the show before the episode airs next Tuesday so very soon we may get to see the young actress acting again.


  • nevermind her lips, her entire face is messed in the second photo! she looks like a pre-cat lady!who the hell encourages young girls ti get fillers in their face as “preventing” future wrinkles. i thnk she did this cuz everyone was saying how oldshe looked from doing drugs. but seriously, all she needed was nutrition and exercisers and no stress for a while and some good make up!! she messed up her face…hopefully not for life, hopefully fillers go away after not filing them for a while? ah!!

  • ClaireMichelle

    I just cannot get passed how much she has messed up her face.

  • Vicky

    There is a photo special on of “Sun loving” stars and it shows a pic of her with Donatella Versace… lol. They could be twins!

  • AJ
    Saw the preview. 2 Hour EP! YAY

  • nicoleeee

    She looks as if she is 40 yeards old!! Amazing.

    She could be the face of an anti-drug campaign…
    The warning could say;
    “This will be you in 3 years if you do blow.”