Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Debut As A Future ‘Mr And Mrs’ At The Met Ball


We first heard the engagement news about Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake back in December, then it was confirmed by Justin’s grandmother, but throughout this time JT and Jess have been very private about their imminent nuptials. At the Met Gala in NYC last night they made their official debut post-engagement, and we got a good look at Jess’s HUGE engagement bling on her left hand. We saw it a bit back in March, but now the sparkler is on full display, and so is the happy couple. The future spouses looked very sweet together, walking into the ball arm in arm and Mrs Timberlake-to-be made sure to keep her left ring finger in the eye of the camera.

This is one of the first times that Jessica and Justin have walked the red carpet together, and they chose this high fashion event to make their first joint appearance. JT suited up in a black Tom Ford tux complete with satin bowtie and all the regalia. Jess looked lovely (but I would say a little under dressed for a ball) in a simple white Prada dress with a deep plunging neckline and jade green stones. She also had Prada accessories to match, including her shoes and clutch. Jess’s dress however did not take center stage in her outfit – her diamond engagement ring did. The HUGE bling, which Justin designed, cost $130,000 according to Us Weekly’s report. They did make a lovely debut though, and it was a very appropriate event to walk in together as the soon-to-be Mr and Mrs Timberlake.

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  • Krissy

    I think she is so pretty, but I hate the bangs covering her face. She should be wearing her hair back to show off her beautiful face!

  • here’s hoping that she’s still really fit and not shrinking like the rest of (so much of) hollywood on a man’s arm. She was strong and powerful. Someone to strive and work out to look like… strong, powerful and hot!

  • nicole

    i liked the bangs when she first got them, but here not so much. and that dress..ugh. shes really hit or miss on the red carpet.

  • BradywantsMoore

    I agree with you! She looks underdressed fr a ball! Most celebs seem to pull out all the stops at this event, like Madonna in Louis Vuitton and Katy Perry in that light up number, and Jess just seems to casual. But when ur lucky enough to be marrying Justin I guess it don’t matter ;-P

    • Jstar

      @ BradywantsMoore agreed! I thought she looked like she was going to a tea party, not a haute couture event…

  • Yelena

    She’s so pretty but really has weird style. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a look from her. Here she looks like she’s going to a summer wedding or a tea party, not a Ball!

  • rOXy

    Jessica is so stunning, she could wear a shower curtain and look good in it. If that dress was longer, perhaps with a mermaid hemline, and if she added a little more sparkle, it would have been fine. I like that she didn’t go matchy-matchy with her shoes and clutch. Not sure if she has a stylist or not, but it might be time to hire one or change.

  • helen

    I like her hair lighter I think she looks a little pale, and I agree with the bangs thing, this style kinda makes her look older.

    She should definitely hire another stylist, she’s so gorgeous, this one just doesn’t do her justice!

  • nancy

    Lovely couple and Congrats to them but Jessica seriously needs to switch up that do ASAP! I never understood why ppl liked the bangs on her, I never did and especially not in the pic… she looks like a conehead with a wig…. but Shes a beautiful girl with a sick bodyshe should definitely hire a stylist or get a new one…. and because she’s marrying jt she should care more…. u shouldn’t stop trying just Cuz u caught the man! Stay sexy Jessica!:)

  • Liz

    Not a fan those long bangs, make her look older. Maybe she wants to have the attention set on her ring instead of the dress, hence the under-dressing.

  • Kelly

    that hemline is horrible!! it almost looks like it has pins still in it…. glad to finally see these two somewhere together

    • KAS

      i thought the same thing about the hemline! it looks like they forgot to press it once they were done.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    I was gonna say what everyone else already has.. that hair is horrible, too dark and bangs are too long

  • Ava

    I hate her bangs.

  • Dimples

    Is it me, or does JT look like that “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” from the internet?

  • T

    Don’t like her dress or bangs.


    The bangs, ugh. The dress, hideola.

  • cinner

    Agree with most postings, the hair/bang is unfortunate…mmm mmm mmm smh….the dress just all wrong, but not as wrong as that hair….ughhh