First Pics Surface Of Charlize Theron’s Son Jackson


In March we learned that Charlize Theron was the proud new mom of a son after she announced to the world that she adopted a son named Jackson. Until now we hadn’t seen any pics of the little man or acquired much information about him, his age or where he was from. Today though we have the first photo of lil’ Jackson Theron, and he is a total cutie! Charlize was spotted with Jackson at Charles de Gaulle in Paris this morning, holding him close to her chest as she walked through the airport.

Jackson is adorable, isn’t he? From these pics he looks about 6 months old, maybe even a little older than that, and my guess is that she adopted him from South Africa, which is where Charlize was born and grew up. She just looks so comfortable and natural as a mom, holding him close to her in a protective way. The poor little thing seems startled by all the cameras and people, and Charlize doesn’t look happy about all the attention. I am sure she thought that it was “safe” to bring him out after she left L.A. but sadly, the paparazzi has followed her to Europe. It is so good to meet Jackson and see Charlize with her new son. Despite the fact that it will mean they have to be photographed, I do hope that we get to see more pics of this gorgeous family. Jackson is adorable, and I love seeing Charlize as a mom.


  • rinachandayo

    His serious face is so adorable!

  • He is so cute. He reminds me of Louis Bardo, Sandra Bullock’s son. Jackson is the second cutest celebrity baby (after Louis of course :) )

    • Kelly

      I was thinking the same thing! He looks SO MUCH like Sandra Bullocks son. I’d say they may be related, but Louis is from New Orleans, I believe.

  • Ana

    Congrats mommy adoption is a wonderful thing for children who would otherwise perish in foster care.

  • nicole

    oh hes cute!

  • Meghan

    Love the look on his face in the first pic!

  • Courtney

    oh, i do hope that the cameras will respect him and her right now. it’s nice to see how cute he is, but children at that tender age are easily frightened. they look like a very sweet family and she’s clearly settled into the role of mom.

  • Tracy

    Oh my what a cute little baby. Trent I did read not long ago that Charlize had adopted a baby boy from Africa I don’t recall what part of Africa. But I knew he as an African baby boy… I love Charlize even more she is going to be a wonderful Mother.

  • cinner

    Happy mothers day Charlize!!