First Listen: No Doubt Teases Their New Song ‘Push And Shove’


Over the weekend, No Doubt formally announced that their as-yet-untitled new album will be released this September. Today, they reveal a webisode (likely, the first in a series of promo videos) that takes us fans inside the recording studio with them as they put the finishing touches on their new album. In this first new webisode, we get to preview (for a tiny bit) the band’s new song Push and Shove (which is a collaboration between No Doubt and producers Major Lazer & Busy Signal) … which you MUST check out below.

They may look a bit older but this is still the No Doubt that we all know and love … and have MISSED for the past few years. It’s really inspiring to see the gang altogether in the studio working on their new album. I have no idea what this kind of creative process is like but I do know that it looks fulfilling and incredibly fun. I am very much looking forward to more No Doubt webisodes in the weeks and months to come. I have a feeling this new No Doubt album will be one of their best.


  • sum

    I saw them on their last tour and there is no way they have lost any of their spark! This is going to be a great album, and I’m glad to see them already promoting and teasing it already!

  • BIll

    Im really impressed with the way the managed to keep true to their sound, but somehow it fits all together with this clubby/dance music craze that is going on in the world today. Not that I didn’t expect the greatest from them…I saw them on their last tour, amazing.

  • The Push and shove song they were recording in this webisode sounds so much like the classic No Doubt we know, love, and have missed for many years. Tragic Kingdom is one of my favorite albums of all time and I hope this one brings us back to some of those classic songs. September can’t come fast enough for me.

    • So so so agree with you. When they announced that they were recording a new album I was terrified we’d be getting Rock Steady pt 2. This makes me feel a lot better about what they’re working on.

  • Jem

    No Doubt…Can’t wait!
    Love this group, so creative.

  • Rod

    Omg i am obsessed with this webisode. Being a No Doubt fan since 1992 this is awesome

    • Yas

      Me too. Plus I love how it does NOT sound like the Gwen Stefani albums (which I also love, just not for No Doubt).