Dustin Hoffman Saved A Man Who Had A Heart Attack


Imagine waking up on the ground only to have a celebrity like Dustin Hoffman standing over you? Well, that is exactly what happened to a London man, Sam Dempster, who suffered a heart attack and collapsed while jogging in London’s Hyde Park. Dustin came across the man, called the ambulance and waited by his side until paramedics arrived. Ah, what a hero.

A man who had a heart attack while jogging in London’s Hyde Park says his life was saved by a famous passer-by – Dustin Hoffman. Sam Dempster says the actor called an ambulance and waited with him after he collapsed on April 27. On his recovery blog, Dempster thanked medical staff and “my new found favorite celebrity Dustin Hoffman who called 999 and waited by my side until paramedics arrived.”

A few weeks back we heard about Ryan Gosling who saved a woman from a near collision with a taxi driver while crossing a street in NYC. All these celeb hero stories are great! I have to say, it is pretty amazing of Dustin to provide such care and attention to the poor man on the ground. A lot of people would simply leave it to someone else, or just call an ambulance and leave it there. He waited with the sick man until he was taken off to hospital. I personally would rather be saved by Ryan than Dustin, but I won’t be picky :)