8 Is Enough (For Now)


Yesterday was a banner day for me … I managed to run farther than I ever have before! As you may know (well, by now), I’ve been trying to keep up my running training. Last week, I managed to run 7 miles … yesterday, I ran 8. I can’t even tell you how crazy it is for me to keep hitting these new plateaus … and no one is more surprised than I am :)

There are days when you can just tell you’re going to have a great run. Some days, you just don’t feel it … yesterday, I did. I knew going into my run that I was going to be able to run for a long time. I was hoping for 8 miles but I didn’t want to get my heart set too early. Once I hit the 5 mile mark, I kind realized that I could go the distance. Believe me, runs like this are not easy. I had to slow down a few times to reserve some energy and rehydrate myself (I’m a big sweater, as gross as that may sound) but I managed to keep going, going, going. I cannot even tell you how good it feels to hit a new distance goal. It’s the best feeling in the world when you realize that you’ve beaten your personal best. I’ve determined that taking (at least) a day off in between runs really helps me in the long run. If my legs have time to heal and recuperate from long runs, they are better able to go a little farther the next time.

Tonight, I’m attending an informational meeting to find out if I’m ready to seriously engage in marathon training. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking on a 26.2 marathon before the end of the year and tonight, I’ll have more information on whether or not I’m ready to take on such a task. OY! We’ll see. Happy Tuesday!

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  • beth

    way to go trent. did you read about the paraplegic british woman who completed a marathon in a bionic suit? use that for inspiration and good luck@!

    • @beth — I did read about her! It took her 2 weeks to complete the London Marathon … but she did it! She is a true inspiration, absolutely.

  • nicole

    wow 8 miles. thats fantastic! congrats trent!

  • Aimee

    I was tickled to read that “runner’s high” is the body actually producing cannabinoids :) http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/05/07/151936266/wired-to-run-runners-high-may-have-been-evolutionary-advantage?sc=fb&cc=fp Grats on a good run!

  • Darcy

    How are the vibram five fingers working for you?

  • JillyD

    So I’ve been looking into a bunch of the Disney World runs and there are a lot to choose from! You are so lucky to live so close to Disneyland and I bet your pumped for the 1/2 in Sept. I live in Cincinnati and we go to WDW every year (my hubby has been over 40x!), though sadly not at the time of any of the runs. I’m hoping to make it to the Food and Wine Festival half this year. It’s on 11/10 and we have plans to go at Thanksgiving so I’m hoping we can bump it up a few weeks.

  • Brandess

    Trent, you should seriously consider coming home to run the Detroit Marathon. I love that you get to cross the Ambassador Bridge into Canada and then run an underwater mile through the tunnel back into the U.S. My first marathon was there last year and I am registered to run it again. Your progress has been impressive!

    • @Brandess — ACTUALLY, thanks for the head’s up … I just registered for the International Half Marathon <3 I’ll see you on race day? xo

    • Brandess

      Awesome! I hope we run into each other! (Bad pun totally intended!) I’ll see you around on dailymile :)

  • cmc

    Congratulations on your new distace record, Trent! Your training has been going so well and I’m so happy for you. I say GO FOR IT on the 26.2- you have no idea how much your body is willing to give you until you go for it! 9 months ago I toed the start line of my first marathon…and last weekend I ran my third and qualified for Boston. And my initial running experience was nowhere near as quickly progressing as yours!

    Go for it! I’ll be cheering you on via dailymile!

    • @cmc — “last weekend I ran my third and qualified for Boston” YOU are an inspiration ;)

  • Rebecca

    Seems like you’re a natural, Trent! Keep it up! We’re rooting for you!!

  • Adriana

    Keep it up Trent! I am having so much fun reading about your progress. Sign up for the 2012 Pride Run in NYC. It’s such a fun race and I think you should come up for it! ;) xo

    • @Adriana — Thanks :) I’m actually running the 2012 Pride Run here in West Hollywood. But, yes, I’d love to run a NYC race soon.

  • Kelly

    I ran the Disneyland Marathon 1/2 last Sept. It is truely amazing to cross the finish line. It was my first marathon and I trained for 9 months and I used the Jeff Galloway program which helped alot! Trent what corral are you in? I was in G and the waiting around since 4:30am is boring but once you get started it’s amazing! I heard they changed the coarse this year. We ran through the Angels stadium and I hear they are not doing it this year…