Watch: Nicki Minaj Unveils ‘Moment For Life’ Pepsi Ad


You may recall that Nicki Minaj is Pepsi’s newest spokesperson. Today we have the first view of her advert for the Cola drink. Nicki tweeted the news to her fans and uploaded a link to her fun, catchy ad. The ‘Live For Now’ slogan features a remix of Nicki’s hit song “Moment for Life.” Check it out here and see if you like it…

Nicki tweeted, “Hey Barbz!!! ­Check out my new Pepsi commercial here!!! and then tell @Pepsi how you #livefornow! #teamminaj”

Clearly, from a marketing perspective, Nicki is a good spokesperson for Pepsi. Regardless, the ad is surprisingly inspiring and uplifting. I actually like the slow remix of the song and despite it being a somewhat typical cola advert in that it is life affirming through a soft drink, I really enjoyed it. Visually the ad is cool, the actors physically get “caught in the moment” drinking good ol’ Pepsi. Nicki’s song obviously works perfectly as it is all about creating a positive feeling and living in the moment. I always find it bizarre when soft drink ads manage to tell the story of an inspiring life moment, but check out the full version here and share your thoughts…


  • millo

    i very much prefer britney’s pepsi ads :P

  • nicole

    theres nothing really memorable or catchy about it at all. its just a ‘meh’ commercial. and the “moment for life” line over and over got annoying fast.