Watch: ‘Desperate Housewives’ Debuts Series Finale Promo


Next Sunday, May 13th, will be the series finale of the show that has been going for 8 years, aired over 200 episodes, and changed the way we view American housewives forever – it is the end of Desperate Housewives. The promo has been released for the 2-part series finale, which will feature the last two episodes of the ABC drama, Give Me the Blame and Finishing the Hat.It is hard to believe that the show is coming to an end, for good. Check out the promo, if you haven’t already seen it. Are you expecting a big bang for the series finale? How do you think it is going to end?

These ladies are going to be missed I think. The show has, of course, had it’s up and downs, but on the whole it has been an amazing run. The scandal, the drama, the ridiculousness, and of course the tears – I know I for one am going to be sad watching the finale on Sunday. Series’ finales are always poignant for me, because they conjure up the memories of watching those beginning episodes. This show does just that for me. Where were you eight years ago when you started watching the then new show about Wisteria Lane? Ah, yes, it gets me all emotional.

Check out the promo, it doesn’t give too much away at all… what are you expecting and hoping for in this Sunday’s BIG finale!?

  • Carl

    Just wanted to let ya know, after this Sunday it will have 180 episodes, not over 200 :)

    And I LOVE this show! Been an avid fan since day 1 and I am really going to miss it when it’s over!

  • Dezden

    Finales kill me. I pretty much always cry. AHHHH!!! I looooove this show and have been watching since the first episode… I just watched last night’s episode and… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!