Superheros & Supervillainy Unleashed


If we can learn anything by the staggering and record-breaking amount of money made at the box office this weekend by the mega superhero film The Avengers, it’s that geeks rule. For far too long, Hell … for all time, actually … geeks and nerds have been bullied, picked on, looked down upon and made fun of by “cooler” more popular people. In recent years, geeks have come into their own and have taken control of, well, pretty much everything (see the aforementioned $200+ million dollars made in 3 days by geek Joss Whedon). Geeks rule (among other places) on TV, in movies and … in books. My friend David Reddish (Davy to everyone who knows him) has written his debut novel and it officially goes on sale this week. Davy is a bona fide, uberproud geek and his new book Sex, Drugs & Superheroes: A Savage Journey Into a Wretched Hive of Scum and Supervillainy (The Comic-Con Chronicles, Book I) (official site HERE, Facebook page HERE) is an unabashed celebration of the center of the geek universe … San Diego Comic-Con. Click below to check out the cover artwork for Sex, Drugs & Superheroes and learn more about this new book that YOU simply must rush out and buy :)

It’s July 2008, and uber-geek Liquin Sonos journeys back to the one place on Earth where he feels normal: the San Diego Comic-Con. Accompanied by first-time attendee Kate, socially inept would-be animator Windsor, and the flamboyant talent agent Brigham, Liquin delves further into the sex and drug fueled parties that underscore the convention and his mind and spirit wear down, he must confront his own creative ambition and loneliness to discover his life direction as the ultimate outsider. Sex, Drugs & Superheroes is the hereto untold story of the famed San Diego Comic-Con. From a stark look at the camaraderie, rivalries, vernacular language and traditions of Comic-Con, to the love-hate relationship with the Hollywood establishment that feeds it, never before has a book covered the nature of the American geek subculture. The first in an open-ended book cycle following the adventures of Liquin and his friends as they follow their dreams, Sex, Drugs & Superheroes speaks to anyone with a love of all things geeky, or to anyone who has ever had a creative dream.

Now, I have yet to have the pleasure of reading Sex, Drugs & Superheroes but if there is one thing I can say about Davy and his brand of writing, it’s that his work is detailed, precise and extremely entertaining. I’d argue that no one knows the San Diego Comic-Con culture as well as Davy does. Each year, from the beginning of time, Davy and his compatriots have made the trek down to San Diego, CA for the Comic-Con festivities and each year, they get into all kinds of hilariously interesting and very compromising situations. Davy makes clear that his book is a work of fiction based on a true story (the names, he says, “have been changed to protect the guilty. Any semblance to persons, living, dead, or undead is probably intentional but also probably not you. Probably.”) so you know it’s a juicy tale. I cannot tell you how incredibly proud I am of Davy and the publication of his first book. If you are among the legion of proud geeks out there who have taken control of TV, film, books, etc. with your loyal fandom (and money) then this might just be the book for you. You can learn more about Sex, Drugs & Superheroes at the book’s official site HERE and you can order your e-book copies of the book at Amazon HERE and/or Barnes & Noble HERE.


  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Can’t wait to read it.Thanks T.

  • Tina G

    Interesting. I’ll need to check it out before I go for the first time this year! (Totally dressing up as Zoe from Firefly).