Scarlett Johansson Talks ‘Black Widow’ Movie Spin-Off


So … in the wake of the massive success of The Avengers, folks have been wondering if and when we might expect an Avengers 2. Well, before we get to that movie, we have a bunch of other movies to get to first. We already know that Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2 are on the way … but today we also learn that we can also look forward to a Black Widow spin-off film. Scarlett Johansson has gone on the record with her thoughts on what the Black Widow movie might be like. Sound intriguing? Read on.

After producer Kevin Feige confirmed that a standalone film for Black Widow has already been prepared post-“The Avengers”, lead actress Scarlett Johansson revealed some tidbits about the plot of the spin-off movie. The 27-year-old actress hinted that the film will be more of a prequel that focuses on the gun-wielding hero’s origin. “I love her origin story. I think it’s just such a riveting one…,” she said during a recent interview to promote “Avengers”. She added, “It’s just steeped in history and the richness to shoot in Russia, perhaps… I hope that the fans’ voice is loud enough and they want to see a Widow origin story, I know Marvel would be happy to entertain that. We’ve spoken a lot about it.” Johansson also dished on what the difference is between playing Natasha Romanoff in “Iron Man 2″ and “Avengers”. She explained, “[In Avengers] you see a little bit about how Natasha joined and it’s not that she’s fighting for the greater good of humanity. She was almost salvaged by S.H.I.E.L.D. and so she’s loyal to that group, to that agency, but only as sort of paid debt.” Feige previously confirmed a Black Widow film to Movieline, “We have already planned her next appearance and where to take the character because we believe in it and we believe in her in a big, big way. When will there be a standalone? Both is what we’re heading toward.”

See … I bet many of you forgot that Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow made her debut in Iron Man 2. You know how I know? Cuz I *completely* forgot that she was in the film. Honestly, there are many things about Iron Man 2 that I’d like to forget but … that’s beside the question. So, we know Black Widow was in Iron Man 2 and we deffo know she played a big role in The Avengers so … what next? An origin story movie, of course. I understand that they may incorporate Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner) into the Black Widow movie so … we’ll get 2 Avengers for the price of 1 movie. Before seeing The Avengers, I was not at all interested in a Black Widow film. But Joss Whedon did such a great job writing the character in The Avengers that, yeah, I’m in. I was very impressed with the way Scarlett portrayed Black Widow so … I’d see a Black Widow movie … would you?


  • JCZ

    I think it would be interesting. Maybe even the first great female superhero film.

    I think the realism of it may make it appealing. Yes, Black Widow is sexy & all but they haven’t made her out to be wearing leather underwear fighting bad guys – much like Anne’s Catwoman. I’m liking the more realism of this new wave comic book films – TDK is the closest considering it’s not superpowers and stuff, But they all have their exaggerations which is what we want. But the human side of things, with these Avenger films especially, gives us a realism we COULD believe instead of over the top Yeah Right!

    I’m interested, I just hope more are. I’m not heaps keen on another sequel for each Avenger though. It’s gonna feel recycled, leading back to Avengers 2. They’re gonna need some clever writing for each film personally. As for Avengers 2, it’s gonna need some new members I believe.

  • Liebchen

    I’d love to see one if Whedon at least writes it. He does wonderful things.

  • jeramie

    A black widow origin movie would be a great asset to the avenger movies!

  • Joan

    I really love the character of Black Widow! I can’ wait to see the movie! Scarlett is a very good actress.