Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s 25 year old son, Jack, became a dad two weeks ago to baby Pearl. Today we get to see the first pics of the newest Osbourne family member. Jack’s fiancé, Lisa Stelly, gave birth to the little girl in L.A.’s Cedars Sinai Hospital in April, and British magazine, Hello!, has the first pics of the new family.

This serene family portrait with new mom and dad, Lisa and Jack, and grandma, Sharon, holding baby Pearl is pretty cute.

Jack Osbourne has spoken for the first time about becoming a new dad, revealing the “instant love” he felt for his cute baby girl, Pearl. Introducing the tiny tot in this week’s HELLO! magazine, in a stunning photo shoot that also features his actress fiancée Lisa Stelly and his mother Sharon, the 25-year-old media star says: “People say when you have a kid it’s like instant love, but unless you’ve experienced it, it’s impossible to comprehend. The moment I saw her I felt more love than I’d ever felt for anything. It was the weirdest, most overwhelming thing.”

No doubt it took him a while to get used to the idea that he was going to be a father. In fact, Jack openly admitted in an interview with Hello! that he was pretty shocked, scared and uncertain what to do when he found out his girlfriend was expecting a baby. Jack only met his now fiancé, Lisa, in a nightclub 3 months before she discovered that she was pregnant.

“I think I responded with ‘That’s interesting’.. What do you say? If we’d been trying for two years, of course you’d be like ‘Awesome!’ But we met in May and found out in August. I told Lisa, ‘You need to give me a week to really take this in’. I had that time to get my head around the whole situation.’”

Now though, Jack seems like the happiest father, and he and Lisa are planning an intimate wedding for later this year. I am happy for them, and really hope that this works out well; baby Pearl is a sweetheart. Congratulations Osbournes.