Art Break


My dear Ollie called me up and invited me to attend the closing day of the Transmission LA : AV Club at the Geffen Contemporary Art MOCA museum in downtown LA and I happily agreed to attend. I had heard about the exhibit but, wonder of wonders, never found the time to check it out. Ollie attended and LOVED the free exhibit so she invited Tamar, Rob and me to check it out before it was gone forever. We had a great time together. A fun Sunday was had.

Ollie and I met up with Tam and Rob at Far Bar for some pre-museum eats and drinks and then we made our way into the museum. We snapped fun photos of all of the inventive exhibits. Afterward, Ollie and I did a bit of shopping in the Japan Village Plaza and ended up scoring a massive load of Japanese candy:

I shant say how much money I spent on all of these treats for fear of public embarrassment but I will tell you … I plan to eat it all … er, well, over time ;) I really had no plans for yesterday so Ollie’s call to hang came at just the right moment … and I love her for it :)

Not quite sure what we’ve got going on today … I need to run like a mothereffer today. Here’s hoping I can get a successful long run under my belt today :) Happy Monday!!