‘True Blood’ Season 5 Releases A New Video Teaser


Yesterday we got our first look at a promo photo Christopher Meloni in character as Roman, the leader of the vampire organization called The Authority in the upcoming 5th season of HBO’s True Blood. Today we get to see Meloni in action as Roman in a just-released teaser video for True Blood. Based on the image we saw yesterday, I assumed The Authority was kind of like a vampire mob family organization. The teaser clip below shows me just how wrong I was.

Whoa. Creepy. But … intriguing. For the most part, True Blood is mostly silly and comical. Yes, there are sometimes some creepy aspects to the show but the comic relief usually tends to defuse audience tension. This tiny tease of The Authority in action is actually … scary. I am really curious to see how this will play out in the forthcoming season. As I said before, I think Christoper Meloni will make an excellent addition to the show. I can’t wait to see him in action, on the show, for reals.


  • jacqui

    hm is this a new plot line that hbo created thats not in the books at all? I know they deviate a lot but not sure how this would factor in at all.

  • Randal

    Beyond excited!!!!

  • Joon

    I love this show – I can’t wait! It’s going to be a great season!!

  • brittany

    Yeah this wasnt in the books at all. Is this supposed to be a scary version of the Volturi from Twilight? Either way bring on Alexander Skarsgaard!

    • Haley

      As soon as I saw the cape my first thought was Twilight..really? Don’t get me wrong..I’m definitely still watching though.

  • Christina

    Maybe its in the new book?

  • Katie

    The books have completely gone out the window at this point. So disappointing. I don’t understand adapting a popular book series when you are just going to destroy the story & characters. I’m still holding a major grudge over the whole Claudine situation & the Bill/Sookie relationship. I don’t expect a word for word adaptation but I just really don’t like the direction they have taken the show.

    • LV

      @ Katie, I total agree.

  • Meghan

    I’m glad they are getting away from the books. The books are just awful.

    • Tabitha

      Agreed. Come on, Elvis as a vampire? :-/

  • rinachandayo

    I can’t wait to see Christopher Meloni in action as a Vampire!