Soon-To-Birth Alyson Hannigan Chooses To Be Green


We have been seeing lots of ADORABLE photos the last few weeks of the heavily pregnant, and totally gorgeous mom-to-be, Alyson Hannigan. Just a few days ago we saw her out shopping for a breast pump, and she jokingly tweeted how she now has the biggest bump in Hollywood since Jessica Simpson gave birth. Aly is just too cute. Today, more pics of her have surfaced buying additional baby supplies, accompanied by hubby, Alexis Denisof this time. Aly and Alexis spent yesterday afternoon shopping for all organic baby products including an organic baby mattress and cradle.

A lot of celebs now favor the path of organic and green-ness, and it seems that Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof are also of this mindset when it comes to their baby. They were spotted yesterday stocking up on baby supplies at The Green Cradle and Juvenile Shop in Studio City, California. How gorgeous is the photo where Aly is linking arms with Alexis, ugh I just love these two!

An all organic nursery, including baby products, clothes, toys, and even pharmaceuticals is definitely a major trend at the moment, and the ‘thing to do’ in Hollywood. I’m actually a big proponent of it, even if it is a current trend. It is so great to see that Alyson and Alexis place importance on it, and chose to buy an organic mattress for the new baby. They must be all prepped by now. Aly has been shopping for supplies for days now, nesting and organizing and arranging. We are all getting super excited about this arrival!!! Cannot wait to meet you little Hannigan-Denisof bundle!!! Come on out and say hi!!


  • rOXy

    I LOVE this family so much! Her pregnancy went by in a flash it seems. Can’t wait for the new arrival. Family adorableness will increased eponentially.

    • rOXy