Justin Bieber Joins Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ringside At World Title Clash Against Miguel Cotto


Justin Bieber was invited by Floyd Mayweather Jr. to join him ringside at the MGM Grand Garden Arena ahead of his super welterweight world title clash with Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas last night. Biebs even escorted Floyd to the ring and reportedly spent time in his locker room in the lead up to the fight. Check out the pics of little Biebs (he looks so little next to the other seriously big guys!) carrying the title belts into the ring. Why was Justin given this honor, you ask? Good question.

So, reports out there are saying that this might have been a bit of a publicity stunt on the part of the Mayweather team. Yahoo Sports are saying that the crowd, which was strongly pro-Cotto, didn’t boo Floyd as much when they saw that Justin Bieber was escorting him in. The pics are bizarre though.. little Justin Bieber in the midst of a boxing tournament. From what I understand, Biebs and Floyd Mayweather don’t go back a long way, but actually just met. The two made Twitter contact recently which ended with Floyd making an invitation to Justin to join him in Las Vegas for the fight.

Bieber stood shoulder to shoulder with Mayweather and his rapper friend 50 Cent as the fighters were announced by emcee Michael Buffer. Then, as hostilities in the ring commenced, the singer was placed just feet away from trainer Roger Mayweather and the rest of the self-proclaimed “Money Team.” Bieber wasted no time in screaming encouragement to his new friend in the tense early exchanges against Cotto.

Justin was right in there, in the thick of it all, as if he were Mayweather’s BFF, standing next to the trainer and hanging out in the locker room beforehand. The pics are kinda cute with Justin carrying in the heavy title belts, but I can’t help feeling like it was all a bit of a setup. Biebs doesn’t strike me as a championship fighter kind of person, but who knows, maybe he is an aspiring boxer?

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  • nicole

    I was laughing so hard when i saw this last night. This is why hollywood and sports shouldnt mix. I just cant take F.M seriously anymore (and yes i know he won)

  • Sistah_Tru

    JB is acting so black these days, we may have George Zimmerman following him soon.

    • Sandy

      Acting black? *eye twitch*

  • gpgirl

    urrghh i thought he liked pacquiao! i hate him more now.

  • gpboy

    He never liked Pacquiao he was always in Mayweather’s corner.

  • Yo Chola

    I’m surprised Geroge Zimmerman isn’t already following him around because according to Zimmerman’s Facebook account he hates Mexicans. But Selena is only half Mexican so she gets a pass.

  • helen

    Hey Biebs, what’s with the hair?? We need a “Beyotch stole my look” post with Brandon Walsh and Justin Beiber, I have nothing against him but seriously he’s no Jason Priestley.