Demi Lovato Is A Front Runner In ‘The X Factor’ Judge Race


And, the saga continues. Last week we heard that the spot on the judging panel on The X Factor could be going to Miley Cyrus. Well, today there is a report saying that the current front runner is actually Demi Lovato, who is in discussions with the peeps from The X Factor. We are STILL waiting to find out if our dear Britney Spears will become a judge on the upcoming season, and the names continue to be thrown around. When will this end? We need to know just so this drama and weekly new-name-game ceases..

TMZ is reporting that Demi Lovato is the current leader of the pack vying for the 4th seat on the judge’s panel, but she hasn’t gotten an offer yet. We know that Simon Cowell REALLY wants Britney, and clearly, she would be the best person, not just for us, but for gaining publicity and higher ratings for the new season. Still, there are all the other names in the ring… Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, LeAnn Rimes and Fergie. So far, still no word, and now there is a SIXTH person’s name in the hat, with Demi.

The last front runner we heard was Miley, it seems every week there is a new person leading the pack. Ugh, I just want them to sign someone so that we can move on. Obviously, we all hope that it is Britney, but should probably prepare ourselves for a Miley or Demi judge… whaddaya think?

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  • Ash

    I rather have Demi. I love Brit but feel she will be another Paula… Fake and “oh that’s so nice” kind of comments.

  • schmee

    First Beyonce, then Britney, then Miley Cyrus and now Demi Lovato. Does anyone else sense a downward progession here? Next we’ll hear that Courtney Love turned them down and theyre going with the guy who used to press play for Ashley Simpson

  • Fabio

    I think she’d be great, she’s hip young great voice And Brits the major star with all the experience!

  • ClaireMichelle

    She would be the fourth judge, so Britney would still be another judge. They have two judge spots to fill with the exit of Paula and Nicole. So we could be seeing a Britney/Demi judging panal.

    • @ClaireMichelle — Yes, you are correct.

  • Sistah_Tru

    They could have Satan or Whitney’s rotting corpse in these. There is no saving that sinkhole .

  • Joanna

    Nope! They need to get someone who is an icon but not currently working. I’m really sad that Whitney would have been a judge. She would have even fantastic. I say Mariah Carey or someone else at that level. Demi isn’t good as a singer IMO. She has also never done reality tv and that’s bad. I also HATE the idea that MIley Cyrus is even being talked about here. Talent wise she’s fine but personality wise she’s a train wreck. Start from scratch on the second judge please.

  • monica

    I would rather see Miley than Demi. Miley has had success in the music industry while Demi really hasn’t. Had it not been for her constant eating disorder talk she would’ve faded away by now.

  • Shannon

    Id rather Miley. I don’t think demi has really had major success

  • dc

    oh man I can’t with this girl.. find her so painfully annoying hopefully this is not true.. I prefer Miley over her but even then that’s pushing it

  • lori paster

    No one but 13 year old former disney fan kids even know who demi lovatro is. I listen to pop radio and pay attention to music all the time but NEVER heard a song by this girl. There are better options.

  • Iheartaustin

    I live demi but I’m seriously crossing my fingers or Miley and anyways demi is going on tour soon so idk if this is real!