Carson Daly Is Expecting A Second Baby

Cute Family

The Voice’s Carson Daly is expecting a second child pretty soon. His partner, Siri Pinter, is pregnant with their second baby, and she’s already nearly 6 months along. Siri, a food blogger, wrote the news on her website, Siriouslydelicious, posting a photo of her pregnant belly. The family was also spotted out in NYC this weekend, with big brother Jackson James, who is 3 years old. I like this family a lot!

Siri wrote on her blog under the title “The reason I’ve been baking so much”…

“Look at all those cookies in my belly! Ok there is a baby in there too, and that baby has been living there for about 5 and a half months already! I am due early September. We are beyond thrilled and blessed. I have been eating a lot of cookies.”

And, posted the following gorgeous pic.

Carson and Siri’s second child is due in early September, and they both seem so excited and happy. I really like Siri, and my opinion of Carson changed dramatically when they got together. I think she’s a great mom and just a cool woman. I’m very happy for them. The couple were spotted yesterday out in Manhattan with their son, Jackson James. They’re a cute family, right?

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  1. Jessicagiovanna

    Gross.. Imagine how much more his eyes bulged out while he was making that baby.. He should ALWAYS wear sunglasses.

  2. Oscar in Miami Beach

    Isn’t he the one that made some homophobic comments about same-sex marriage some time back?.I think he did.

  3. Courtney

    why don’t dumb and dumber just get married he’s not some huge star that can get away with not being married to his babies mother/father. for example Vanessa Redgrave wasn’t married to Franco Nero when she gave birth to their son Carlo but he grew up perfectly normal with his half sisters Natasha & Joely Richardson and his parents eventually married on New Years 2006/2007

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