Carson Daly Is Expecting A Second Baby


The Voice’s Carson Daly is expecting a second child pretty soon. His partner, Siri Pinter, is pregnant with their second baby, and she’s already nearly 6 months along. Siri, a food blogger, wrote the news on her website, Siriouslydelicious, posting a photo of her pregnant belly. The family was also spotted out in NYC this weekend, with big brother Jackson James, who is 3 years old. I like this family a lot!

Siri wrote on her blog under the title “The reason I’ve been baking so much”…

“Look at all those cookies in my belly! Ok there is a baby in there too, and that baby has been living there for about 5 and a half months already! I am due early September. We are beyond thrilled and blessed. I have been eating a lot of cookies.”

And, posted the following gorgeous pic.

Carson and Siri’s second child is due in early September, and they both seem so excited and happy. I really like Siri, and my opinion of Carson changed dramatically when they got together. I think she’s a great mom and just a cool woman. I’m very happy for them. The couple were spotted yesterday out in Manhattan with their son, Jackson James. They’re a cute family, right?

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  • Jessicagiovanna

    Gross.. Imagine how much more his eyes bulged out while he was making that baby.. He should ALWAYS wear sunglasses.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Isn’t he the one that made some homophobic comments about same-sex marriage some time back?.I think he did.

  • Courtney

    why don’t dumb and dumber just get married he’s not some huge star that can get away with not being married to his babies mother/father. for example Vanessa Redgrave wasn’t married to Franco Nero when she gave birth to their son Carlo but he grew up perfectly normal with his half sisters Natasha & Joely Richardson and his parents eventually married on New Years 2006/2007