Ben Stiller And Vince Vaughn Movie ‘Neighborhood Watch’ Renamed Out Of Respect For Florida Killing


The new movie written by Seth Rogen starring Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill opens July 7th, and they have just made a big change, renaming the whole film. Fox studios released a statement explaining why the movie, originally called, Neighborhood Watch, has been renamed. Read on to find out why the comedy was renamed and what the new title is.

After teenager Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in Florida on February 26th by a neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, a lot of people felt like the name of the movie, Neighborhood Watch, was too close to home. They changed the name of the movie to simply The Watch.

“As the subject matter of this alien invasion comedy bears no relation whatsoever to the recent tragic events in Florida, the studio altered the title to avoid any accidental or unintended misimpression that it might,” Fox studios said in a statement.

Trailers had to be pulled from the theaters and now a new trailer has been released with the new name. I can see why the original name would be distressing, particularly to people living in Florida, but if you watch the trailer you can see that the comedy has NOTHING to do with anything related to the tragic murder case. This is a mostly silly movie about humans battling aliens. It is also Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill, so it is really just slapstick humor, sex gags thrown in with some extraterrestrial beings.

Check out the new trailer… are you going to see this when it comes out in the cinema or just wait for a long plane ride?


  • Alicia B

    Gotta go see it! :)

  • Sistah_Tru

    They shoulve renamed it ” Straight to DVD”

  • Megan

    If you want to see a good alien invasion movie, check out “Attack the Block”. Wicked film.

  • rachel

    slick marketing move…

  • Janaegal

    @Rachel…right?! I’d never even heard of this movie until this!

  • Wynter

    Can’t wait to see it, just for Richard Ayoade! Big fan of Submarine and IT Crowd.

  • ChristineLA

    I have to agree, this is a genius marketing move. I had never heard of this movie, and now they are getting a ton of free press for this move.

  • Ben@pr

    Changing the tittle was completely unnecessary. I’m sure the movie was shot and named way before the sad moment in Florida and I’m sure they would understand it. Maybe it’s a big PR move. You never know what really goes behind closed doors in “Hollyweird”.