Amanda Bynes Involved In Another Hit And Run Accident


It was just a few weeks ago that retired actress, Amanda Bynes, hit a police car and was arrested for driving under the influence. This was in April, and now TMZ is reporting BREAKING NEWS that Ms Bynes was involved in another hit and run incident. Reports are saying that Amanda was driving in L.A. in her Range Rover late Friday night when she sideswiped a car and didn’t stop. The police were called and a hit and run reported. TMZ is even reporting that a police helicopter was dispatched to track the SUV, unsure of how severe the accident was. Oy! Read on for more of the details…

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … a man was driving last night near the intersection of Crescent Heights and Melrose Blvd. when he claims he was sideswiped by a Range Rover that was trying to pass him on the right. According to our sources, when the SUV didn’t stop, the guy called police and reported the hit and run. But the guy didn’t let it go there. According to our sources, he began to follow the SUV himself (which wasn’t difficult because there was traffic). We’re told cops responded to the scene and even dispatched a police helicopter to track the SUV, unsure of how severe the accident was. When cops finally caught up to the Range Rover, we’re told the driver was none other than Bynes … who told police she had no idea she had struck another vehicle. Our sources say the damage to Bynes’ SUV was so minimal, it is possible she didn’t feel the accident. Law enforcement sources tell us Amanda was very cooperative with police and cops had her exchange information with the other driver. We’re told she was not given a citation and cops will not be investigating the incident further.

So, okay, it doesn’t sound like there was much damage caused, and according to TMZ’s report, information was exchanged between the drivers, but Amanda was not given a citation and the police are not investigating the incident. The whole helicopter thing sounds like a gross exaggeration, but it is being reported… hmm…

Poor Amanda, she just can’t seem to stay out of the way of the law at the moment. There doesn’t seem to be alcohol involved in this latest incident, and at least she didn’t clip a cop car this time. The question still remains though, why is she driving so badly!? I am assuming that Amanda would have been breath tested at the time, and that she was not driving under the influence otherwise we would have definitely heard about this, BUT… it is still early days, and the TMZ story is the only thing out there at the moment so you never know. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if more info emerges about this in the next few days. Oy is this a trainwreck alert?

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  • It sounds like girl needs to retake her driving lessons, or hire a driver for the time being.

    • Goofy

      ‘so badly’.

      Not ‘do badly’. Maybe proofread? I have to all the time.

    • thanks :)

  • Sistah_Tru

    The real disaster here are her $1.99 extensions.

  • Ben@pr

    Maybe her inspirational hot mess is Lindsay Lohan. Amanda get help before you loose the respect from the big shots of Hollywood and from the fans. Without fans that patronize the movies actors don’t get hired.

  • Lynne

    She needs to get her EYES checked!

  • Ashley

    She needs a personal driver

  • JCZ

    American police send out helicopters over a hit & run which by the sounds of it didn’t involve a person injured?

    Waste your budget on more important things!!