ABC’s ‘Cougar Town’ May Move To TBS


Back in March we learned new casting news that suggests that ABC is on the verge of canceling the hilariously brilliant sitcom Cougar Town. Today, we learn that all hope is not lost … and the show may yet live to see a new season. According to a new report, Cougar Town may transition over to TBS for a new season (or more) if ABC decides to cancel the series. Now, this is by far a done deal and these sort of network transitions aren’t easy but … if ABC decides to kill the show, Cougar Town may yet still find new life on a new network.

Cougar Town is very much on the bubble but a possible cancellation by ABC would not necessarily spell the end of the underrated comedy about a group of wine-loving friends. I’ve learned that TBS has been in talks with Cougar Town producer ABC Studios about potentially picking up the series starring Courteney Cox if ABC ends up canceling it. Sources close to the situation stress that the conversations are very preliminary and that transitioning a broadcast series to cable is always tricky financially. “Should the show become available, TEN looks at all opportunities presented to us that fit our brand,” a rep for TBS’ parent Turner Entertainment Networks said, declining further comment … A pickup of Cougar Town by TBS (or ABC) would complicate things for two pilots, CBS’ untitled Louis CK/Spike Feresten project and NBC’s Kari Lizer project, both of which star Cougar Town cast members in second position, Dan Byrd and Josh Hopkins, respectively. If Cougar Town moves to TBS, it would be the second consecutive Bill Lawrence comedy to switch networks, following Scrubs‘ jump to ABC following its 2008 cancellation by NBC. Lawrence co-created Cougar Town with Kevin Biegel. Turner previously picked up another broadcast series, NBC drama Southland, which was recently renewed for a fifth season by TNT.

OOH, this sounds good to me. I love Cougar Town and I want to see the show continue. A move to TBS would be perfect, IMHO. BUT, as mentioned above, it’s not so easy for a show to just jump networks. There are a lot of logistics to hammer out … not the least of which is the already recasting of two of Cougar Town’s main actors. Still, I’m hopeful that this TBS deal might work out. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Cougar Town so … I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


  • Recasting wouldn’t be a big deal for Cougar Town. The actors in question are in second position with their other pilots – if Cougar Town’s renewed, whether it’s on ABC or TBS, they’ll stay with Cougar Town.

  • Sistah_Tru

    How about TV Land? They have no
    problem putting over the hill has beens in primetime.

  • kendra

    It really doesn’t seem like ABC supports this show anyways..I never see it advertised so I keep forgetting when it’s on! Luckily I’m able to catch it On Demand, but I still feel guilty..I wish they’d leave ABC on their own and go to another network..This show is so damn funny! It can’t be canceled yet!

  • ClaireMichelle

    I just want another season, and if TBS will give it to me I will be over the moon! PENNYYYY CAAAAAN!

  • JeniLee

    @Trent they wouldnt have to recast people….Josh and Dan did pilots as a backup in case CT was canceled – CT is 1st position so if CT is back the pilot they were in gets recast. Sophia Bush did a pilot before One Tree Hill was picked up for season 9 but if her pilot had been picked up they would have had to recast her since OTH was 1st position. No recasting will be needed for CT!

    • @JeniLee — That would be PERFECT :)

    • JeniLee

      yup! now TBS better pick it up. I hope it goes there regardless. They’d promote it better than ABC. Its like ABC wants it to fail. Reminds me of NBC last year with “The Event”

  • I can’t believe it’s not doing well. It’s really a great show!