Reese Witherspoon Takes Her Bump Out For A Walk


Reese Witherspoon has been teasing us with pics of that gorgeous bump of hers, but she still hasn’t actually confirmed the news. She and Drew Barrymore seem to be doing the same exact thing. Last we saw Reese, she was all dressed up at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner but her baby bump was mostly hidden away. Today we get to see Reese out and about making her way to LAX, and this time her beautiful burgeoning bump is on full display – yay!

Reese’s bump has really grown, hasn’t it? She looks so great here. Dressed in light blue jeans, a gray knit and a brown leather jacket, she looks effortlessly chic. She has tried to cover up her bump with her jacket but it is gorgeously poking out through her clingy t-shirt underneath, and she looks great! I’m just hoping that Reese comes out and tells us once and for all, to make the happy news official. She really is looking great Reese, so I assume that she is feeling good. She must already be in her second trimester so fingers crossed she makes the news real very soon- then we can actually start getting properly excited for her.


  • Sarah

    She looks like the camera man caught her off guard! Reese, your bump secret is out! No use in covering it up now :P