Jonah Hill Signed On To Star Opposite Leonardo DiCaprio In ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’


Jonah shone in Moneyball as Brad Pitt’s wing man, and now he is set to star alongside another Hollywood alpha male, Leonardo DiCaprio, in The Wolf Of Wall Street. The new movie is going to be directed by the legendary, Martin Scorsese, based on a script by Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter. You may know the original book, it is a memoir of Jordan Belfort. Like the book, the film chronicles a New York stockbroker’s involvement in a Wall Street fraud and corruption case. Do you think Jonah and Leo is the right casting here?

I am not a huge fan of the Wall Street corruption stories, in fact I usually dislike them, but this is Leo and Jonah, and of course the amazing Martin Scorsese, so it’s bound to be full of surprises Jonah will be playing the role of Belfort’s business partner when the charismatic stock broker persuades him to quit his job in the furniture business to jump into the lucrative, volatile world of stocks. The autobiography is also filled with parties, tumultuous personal lives, drugs and alcohol.

To be honest, I can’t totally see Jonah in this roll, but he is the hottest thing right now. He is just coming off 21 Jump Street, and is going to star opposite Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in The Watch. I love Jonah, and I’m so glad that he is spreading himself over different genres and trying his hand at different types of roles. I wouldn’t have expected him to be a part of The Wolf Of Wall Street, but having said that, I’m glad he is challenging his typecast. Then there is the fact that Scorsese is directing. What do y’all think of Jonah in this role?

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