First Look: Christopher Meloni Surfaces As A Vampire In ‘True Blood’ Season 5


Last December we learned that hottie Mchotness Christopher Meloni joined the upcoming 5th season cast of True Blood on HBO and today we get our first look at the dashing hunk in his new vampire role. As I understand it, Meloni plays a vampire named Roman who leads an organization called The Vampire Authority. I mean, everything about that sentence is sexy, ain’t it? ;) Click below to see vampy Chris in his new True Blood role.

Woot! Okay, so … yeah … Christopher doesn’t look all that different from his former Law & Order character expect for that fancy stake he’s holding but still … you can feel the vampireness of this photo, right? He will make a great addition to the TB cast. I can’t wait to see him bare his fangs and feast upon, well, anyone. I approve of this casting, I approve of this first look … I wanna see more :)


  • Lexifer


  • Ben@pr

    This man doesn’t age. Just like fine wine he get’s better maturing.

  • Iheartaustin

    I can’t wait till he gets nekkid vampire!!

  • nicole

    oh Mr Meloni how i’ve missed you.

  • Will

    I Love True Blood and Mr. Meloni! I couldn’t ask for more.
    Well, actually I could.
    A full frontal nude would be nice. lol

  • Debho

    He can bite me. Anytime.

  • splacer