Watch: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Features A Lot Of Lizard In Its New Trailer


Earlier this week we heard a rumor that Sony Pictures is not happy with their new Spider-Man reboot film and they fear it will do poorly at the box office when pitted again films like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Today, perhaps in response, we get to see the newest trailer released for The Amazing Spider-Man that shows a lot of action-packed scenes from the movie. Up until now, Sony has kept a pretty tight lid on the villainous character The Lizard … but as you can see below, he features very prominently in this new trailer.

These screenshots show blurry images of The Lizard because even in the video trailer, his scenes go by quickly … so you have to watch carefully. Here is the video trailer in full:

I think this trailer gives us the clearest picture yet of what The Amazing Spider-Man is all about. Peter Parker goes in search of the truth about his parents … and his father in particular. What ever in the world will he discover? I guess we’ll have to wait until The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theaters this July. Do you think you will be making your way to theaters this Summer to see this film?


  • Balito

    Me no likey!!! :/

  • woodroad34

    Looks pretty exciting to me. Of course they only showed the action parts (hopefully not all of them); so you have to wonder if the dramatic parts will hold up like in the other Spiderman movies.