Watch: Jennifer Lopez Features In The New Music Video By Wisin & Yandel


Jennifer Lopez is featured in a new music video but this time, the video isn’t hers. JLo provides a guest performance on the song Follow the Leader by the duo Wisin & Yandel. As you can see below, the video (which I understand was directed by JLo’s toyboy Casper Smart) features Jenny from the block trying to look and act like a G alongside her homies. The song is just OK but the video is semi-entertaining. Check it out.

The vid’s not bad, eh? Meh. I guess. It’ll prolly not surprise you to learn that Wisin & Yandel will be opening up for Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias on tour this Summer … so if you want to see more, you might want to nab some tickets to see their upcoming tour. Honestly, these guys do nothing for me … but I still do really want to see Jennifer Lopez live in concert. Do you?


  • nicole

    i actually love this song. but i think they missed out on a chance to do something amazing with this video. its not bad, but not great either. i will say this though, Jlo is easily the best part of this video. home girl is looking DAMN good.

    ill be checking out this tour, Enrique puts on a great show, havent seen Jlo live before (and i want too) – and im pretty sure Wisin & Yandel have a few songs i like.

  • Ria

    Hot dang, J. Lo is seriously working it. She looks HOT. Video was pretty entertaining, not gonna lie.

  • Josh

    The only good Queen in this video is J-Lo…
    The other 2 can go inspire each other back to their closet…seriously.

  • rOXy

    JLo is killing it!!! Easily the sexiest act in many years. She gets more gorgeous everytime I see her. I love Brit til the end of time, but even she can’t touch this. I am glad videos are getting away from the fast editing that just shows flashes of everything. As far as the song goes, I’ll be adding it to my playlist immediately. ps – the in your face autotune is the worst part.

    • rOXy

      As I always do when I d/l new music, I took this out for a spin last night under the full So. Cali moon. It was one of those soft nights when the air feels like ocean breeze velvet. The moon was so bright it was like the sun shining off chrome. This song was on repeat, repeat, repeat. Take it with you on a run, Trent. You might just be changing your mind about it being just “ok”.

  • Jenny

    Eh. It’s a tour I’d never go to. JLO is at her auto tuned finest. Singing isn’t her strong suit. I wish she’d go back to making rom/com movies. That’s what she’s good at.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I kind of love this song! And JLo looks amazing in the vid.