Watch: Garbage Previews Their New Song ‘Control’


Yesterday we got to preview the new Garbage song Man on a Wire and today we get to preview another new track from the band’s forthcoming album Not Your Kind of People. As we draw ever near the album’s release date of May 15, it would seem that Garbage is interested in teasing us all along the way. Today we get to check out a preview mini-film that gives us our first taste of the song Control. Take a listen below.

F*ck yes, I love this song! These mini-films are so great … not only do we get to preview the music but getting to hear from the band directly about the music they’ve created is just so damn cool. I love that folks are saying that this new album sounds reminiscent of the band’s debut album. I have no doubt I’m going to love this album very much. If I love it even half as much as I love their debut album, then hot damn … I am so ready to FALL IN LURVE AGAIN ;)