Miley Cyrus Saves An Abandoned Puppy


Last week we saw a whole gallery of celebs and their pets, and today we get to add a new one to the list. Miley Cyrus has adopted a puppy, who was abandoned and left in a cardboard box outside of a shopping strip. He is a seriously adorable little pup Rottweiler Beagle mix. Check out the pics Miley has posted onto her Twitter account of her new family member, and what she called the little fella..

Miley tweeted, “He was left in a box Infront of Walmart. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel. That’s why we named him Happy.” How cute is that name??! Here are some pics of puppy Happy.

Miley is now taking her new pup with her everywhere, from the hair salon to meet new friends. She is becoming a bit obsessed with him, but I have to say, if he were my little puppy I think I would be slightly obsessed too. It is so sad that he was abandoned by his previous owners. It always breaks my heart how some people treat animals, especially little helpless ones like this puppy. He couldn’t survive on his own in the wilderness of L.A., so it is lucky that someone has taken him into their home. He is pretty lucky too that it was Miley that came upon him and adopted him, she is a self confessed animal lover and already has a bunch at home. Welcome to the world Happy Cyrus!


  • Ama

    Good for her for rescuing a dog but…how many dogs does she have now?

    I hope she spends time with all of her dogs, not just when they are puppies.

    But still, good for her :)

    • ClaireMichelle

      She has four dogs now, I think. But I actually think one of those dogs is Liam’s. Either way, they all have an amazing home now!

      This puppy is sooo adorable! And the name… Are you kidding?! SO cute! And I really love that she rescued this pup. She is a big advocate of adopting animals which I greatly appreciate!

    • Hannah

      I’m happy that she adopted and saved a puppy rather than spend thousands at a puppy shop. There are so many animals that need help out there.

  • Ama

    A person should never buy from a pet store anyway. If they want a dog they should get either from a rescue/shelter or reputable breeder. Anyway, as I said early good for her for rescuing :)

    I’m sure all of her dogs have a great home. I found my own dog when she was 4 weeks old, in a box near a dumpster. Shes been a handful but shes a great dog.

    Plan on adopting a senior dog later this year :)

  • Krissy

    How sweet! I love the name! It is great that she rescued the pup. LA is a very bad place for stray animals, we just have so much traffic and a lot of coyotes. It is just so sad when people don’t keep their animals safe, I saw a cat get hit by a car in a very busy area the other day.

  • DJ

    While i was disturbed that someone just left a cute lil puppy in a box outside a Walmart, I couldn’t help but wonder – what the heck was Miley doing at a Walmart?!?!?!?

  • Lexifer

    Miley goes to Walmart all the time. She’s been snapped and posted on or whatever it’s called.

    @Ama good for you. Not enough people adopt senior dogs. All of our dogs have been rescues, so I love stories like this.

  • Christina

    Good for her! That puppy is soo cute. I feel like this is the thing now that celebs are doing.. adopting pups lol.

  • How freaking adorable. I love Happy.

  • her love of animals makes me respect her so much more.

  • rOXy

    Her reputation points just went up in my book. I have trouble saying anything negative about someone who loves animals enough to rescue one. Good for you, Miley, and great for Happy! Rottie’s and Beagles are both wonderful breeds, so this should be one unique dog.

    • PixiesBassline

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the breed of the dog. It’s gonna be a GREAT dog! (I love rotties – they’re super smart & total clowns)
      On a side note, I adopted a pup from the Humane Society (about a decade ago) and named him Happy. He was a GREAT dog too.
      RIP to my ‘Happy Dawg’ and best of luck to Miley’s!

  • Rus

    Good gal…what a great example for everyone else she is <3 love the puppy