Megan Fox Is The New Face Of Sharper Image


Previously, we’ve seen promo photos of actress Megan Fox as the spokesmodel for Armani. Today we learn that she has just signed on as the face of Sharper Image. As you may know, Sharper Image is that technology store you see in malls all across the country that sell electronic devices like alarm clocks, air purifiers, iPod stereos and … um … personal massagers. Now, Megan Fox will be the sexy spokesmodel for the brand … exciting, no? Check out Megan’s first Sharper Image promo photo and learn more about her collaboration with the company.

Megan Fox is the face of Sharper Image’s new campaign, set to debut later this year. Sharper Image released a photo Thursday of the “Transformers” star in their new ad campaign, which features her fidgeting with a gadget and giving the camera her signature stare-down. In addition to announcing their new celebrity spokeswoman, the company said it will also introduce a newly designed website. Fox was most recently seen starring in the comedy “Friends With Kids” and later this year will star in the Judd Apatow-directed comedy “This Is 40.”

Look, I get it … you want guys to buy tech gadgets in your store, you hire a hot chick to sell you wares. I can’t say that the marriage of Megan Fox with Sharper Image is something that I would every think of but clearly Sharper Image is thinking outside the box and they are going after a certain customer. Honestly, I think this first promo photo is a bit silly … Megan reclined on the bed with a tablet in her hand … but I guarantee you, some people really respond to images like this. We’ll see how this partnership works out. It’s a bit nonconventional but maybe that’s the thing that Sharper Image needs to do to bring in the customers. What do y’all think of Megan Fox as the new face of Sharper Image? Does this make sense to you?

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  • She’s pregnant right?

  • Amarie

    Although it doesn’t make sense to me either, I can see why they’re jumping on the ‘sex sells’ band wagon. I’m not complaining. I love Meg :) and @AmandaMarie^^^ that’s my name too!! lol.

  • Hannah

    I didn’t think there were are many Sharper Image stores? I thought they closed them all down and now just sell products through other retailers.

  • nicole

    honestly..this totally makes sense to me.

  • rOXy

    Megan is off the charts beautiful. Shaper Image must have had a decline in sales. It used to be that the technology they sold was sexy enough. But with technology available all around us now, for cheap, I guess people have become immune to tech porn, and now they have to apply a face (and body) to it.

  • boo

    she is DAMN sexy!!!

  • Joon

    “some people really respond to images like this” Yes, that’s true, and Sharper Image is pretty smart to use her, but I don’t like it at all. As a woman, I’m pretty turned off whenever there is a scantily clad woman selling something.

  • I go by Amarie too sometimes!!!!! I love our name. It’s the best ever!

  • MissAnne

    soooo the only sharper image product in this ad is the bedside clock IN THE BACKGROUND or did they start selling tablets?