Lady Gaga Reportedly Splits From Beau Taylor Kinney


US Weekly are reporting that Lady Gaga and her actor beau, Taylor Kinney, star of The Vampire Diaries, have split up. Gaga is currently on her world tour, and last week we heard about the dramas surrounding her concert in Seoul. She is currently in Hong Kong, where she has 4 performances planned. Reports are saying that the couple have split due to normal busy-person reasons and schedules and because Gaga will be touring non-stop until next year. Is Lady Gaga back on the market?

Gaga and her vampire boy, Taylor, have been dating for 10 months, having met on the set of her “You and I” music video. I had never quite been able to imagine these two working out long term, just given how totally different they are, but it seems like the split was amicable, and even mutual, even if “sources” say that they weren’t a good match.

“She will be touring nonstop until next year and has found she can’t have [a] relationship at the same time,” a source tells the magazine, adding that the pair weren’t a perfect match. “Taylor was all about himself, a typical actor, and didn’t completely get Gaga.”

Well, I guess it would take a pretty unique kind of person to “get” Gaga. The reports are suggesting that they might get back together after Lady Gaga’s tour is over, and that this could just be a break. Maybe a hiatus while she is on tour will be a good way for these two to work out if in fact they are right for each other. I’m still fascinated by these two together somehow.. but actually it fascinates me to think of Gaga with anyone really.

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  • shoesofpink

    I agree, Trent. I have a hard time picturing anyone really, “getting” Gaga, and being comfortable with her level of success. She’s definitely in an uncommon position in life. I remember in her latest Oprah interview, she said how happy she was in her love life. I suppose she must have been referring to Mr.Kinney. It’s too bad that things didn’t work out for the two of them. She seemed pretty sure at the time that she was on the right path in that area of her life. I guess we’ll see what happens after the tour.

  • Erica

    Noooooooooo! I hope this isn’t true…they seemed to work, there were always rumors that she was buying a house in Lancaster because of him, and all the Gaga-sightings in Lancaster…

    It would be sad if that all stopped. She really seemed to care about him – she was here a lot. :/

  • krtmom

    He’s way too hot for her fugliness!!!

    • Jenner

      She wouldn’t leave him if he was hot enough.

  • Tracy

    I’m sorry I never could understand them as a couple. He is just 2 fiiinnneeee for her…I mean just look at those eyes and that little gap between his teeth. UGH! makes you want to explore the tasty goodness behind those pearly whites.

  • DJ

    “star of The Vampire Diaries”???? Are you kidding??? He’s been on like maybe 6 episodes in three years!! :-)

    • Julie


  • Jstar

    If he’s sad about it, I have a shoulder he can cry on….

    • krtmom

      We’ll have to share then!

  • Lexifer

    I read this on ctv, and they were going on about how Gaga always knew it wouldn’t work out long term… HOWEVER didn’t she just give an interview talking about children with him (within the next year if I’m not mistaken)? And that she’d gotten him a cat to keep him company while she was away on tour?

    I think this “amicable” story is just her trying to save face, because she knew as soon as she was on that plane he would get it in with someone who doesn’t look like they were born a man.

    • Jenner

      That was before her tour got into motion, I’m sure she didn’t anticipate it would eat more than enough time. And nope, she’s not a man, you are :)

    • Lexifer

      Please learn to read before trying to deliver a set down. I didn’t say she was a man.

  • Krissy

    I don’t usually believe Us Weekly (didn’t they just have the scoop on Jessica’s baby being born, before it was actually born?).

    I don’t think these two were as odd a pair as people might thing. Emmy Rossum said that she had a double date with Gaga and Taylor, and they made steaks at her house and watched tv together. Gaga is a flashy performer, but she seems like a homebody in her down time.

    • DJ

      Did the get the steaks from her dress?

  • Christina

    He is just so freaking hott! I still can’t picture them together!

  • gpgirl

    “Gaga and her vampire boy, Taylor, have been dating for 10 months”

    vampire boy?really? he played a werewolf in vampire diaries!

  • Jenner

    I feel sorry for Gaga, I hope she’s okay :( It’s bad enough that Taylor was using him.